Can You Smell What Barack Is Shoveling?


James O’Keefe, who along with Hannah Giles exposed ACORN for child prostitution, has come out with more video exposing union bosses via his Project Veritas. Just what did O’Keefe discover? He found out that not only is Barack Obama’s stimulus not funding real jobs, but what it is going to are complete BS ‘jobs,’ that do nothing more than dig holes for the purpose of filling them back in.

O’Keefe says,

“The purpose of our investigation is to illustrate that many of the jobs being championed — and funded — by the Obama administration are merely paper positions that come at great expense to the American taxpayer. Digging holes just to fill them up again is not meaningful work, nor does it produce economic output for a recovery. Giving people jobs for jobs’ sake will not revitalize an economy or restore our country’s future.”

During his investigation he caught New York union bosses candidly referring to the federally-funded program known as “Green Jobs, Green New York,” as a “bulls**t” $112 million program.

O’Keefe claims, “This is significant because labor unions are some of the biggest beneficiaries of taxpayer-funded jobs. If they’re intentionally propping up paper jobs, then they’re complicit in the fleecing of taxpayers.”

According to O’Keefe if union officials explain to public officials that they are providing a ‘job’ for laborers they will pass the bill.

O’Keefe set up a fake company, Earth Supply and Renewal, to see if he could really created meaningless jobs that quite literally dug dirt holes and then filled them back in.

Ben Shaprio wrote,

Anthony J. Tocci, business manager of the Local 601 for LIUNA AFL-CIO, goes even further. He says that he’d be willing to help find public funds just to dig and fill ditches:

Hey, if people are willing to give you money, if people will give you the money, that’s fine.

And Hutchings adds:

You know, the Green Jobs, Green New York, between us, a lot of it is bulls**t… even if it’s bulls**t, I think as long as people are working, that’s not bull, you know what I mean?

Tocci and Hutchings say that this is just the sort of stuff that happened under FDR in the 1930s with the Works Progress Administration. “They dug the roads up, put ‘em back!” says an animated Tocci.

Says Tocci, “You just wanna get the money. Then you figure out afterward.

Hutchings then explains the economic theory behind all of this:

Well, I think, I think the key thing is, even if it’s bulls**t, I think as long as people are working, that’s not bull, you know what I mean? Then you’re doing a service. If there are people working, there are people paying taxes, there are people paying goods, there are, you know what I mean… You’re doing right by the economy… anything that brings work into a community is a plus…

I think Mr. Hutchings and Mr. Tocci have been speaking with people like Steny Hoyer on how things like this stimulate the economy. How in the world is taking money from taxpayers via the federal government to pay for something as useless as digging a hole for no good reason just to fill it in considered to be “doing right by the economy?”

It is simply another way that unions have found to manipulate the people’s money and politicians are more than happy enough to go along with it. Until the people have had enough of it they will continue to do so.

See the video and the full raw footage by clicking below.


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