Why is This Candidate for Virginia Governor Being Shut Out of Debate?


Most people continue to believe that there are only two parties in the United States, Democrats and Republicans. More and more, people are starting to question if they really aren’t, in many ways, the same party. In the race for governor in Virginia, the Democrats and Republicans are looking to shutout a third party candidate from their debate, even though he is polling at 12%.

The Democrat candidate in the Virginia gubernatorial race is Terry McAuliffe, and the Republican candidate is Ken Cuccinelli. However, there is a third candidate from the Libertarian Party, Robert Sarvis.

robert_sarvis_on_ending_taxes-300x220-1The debate is scheduled for Friday, the 25th of October. However, Sarvis’ campaign has just found out that he will not be allowed to participate in the debate.


According to those running the debate, Sarvis did not meet the threshold to enter the debate. That threshold is 10%. In case you were wondering, yes, Sarvis is polling at 12% as I stated at the beginning. So why isn’t he being allowed in the debate?

It’s the Republicans and Democrats that are setting the rules. Both the McAuliffe and Cuccinelli campaigns want to take average polling data from the past three weeks via Real Clear Politics. They then discovered that Sarvis only averaged 9%. See how that works? Sounds vaguely similar to the shenanigans the RNC pulled last year to coronate Mitt Romney and disenfranchise Ron Paul. This means that neither of these men will be seriously challenged on their views and voters will be the real losers in the debate.

Before you take me on about that though, understand that this isn’t about taking votes from Cuccinelli, and it isn’t about stopping McAuliffe. Both candidates want Sarvis out of the race.

As Ben Swann points out, Democrats and Republicans think they own our elections. They don’t, but as long as people will sit back and allow them to run the show; that’s all they care about. The voter should have real choices, and they have a right to hear what each candidate will do for the state.

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