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I just finished listening to Donald Trump’s news conference, wherein, if I counted correctly, he responded specifically to 46 direct questions—most of which were not very supportive. Frankly, I could not find a single instance in which any other candidate, either Democrat or Republican, had the guts to do so. And I also could not find a single instance in which I took issue with his positions.

1. Mr. Trump is his own man. Finances his own campaign. Solicits no political contributions, and will be obligated to no lobbyist or PAC. How refreshing!

2. He stated the obvious. Those who offer financial support are expecting something in return. Why else would they donate?

3. He holds no animosity toward the people or the governments of China, Japan, Mexico, or elsewhere. Were he in their positions, he would be doing the same thing. He recognizes that their leaders are just smarter than ours. He plans to change all that.

4. He welcomes legal immigration. Says he wants a “large, wide, friendly” door into this, the greatest country on earth, and through which he expects to hire the best and brightest. He depends upon them for his business success. With our failing educational system, he can no longer attract them domestically. Logical?

Even the late Steve Jobs told the President that he would fire his 70,000 Chinese engineers if Mr. Obama could assure him of US-educated replacements. Obama’s response? Took another golfing vacation.

My son, who, for the past twenty years has managed a facility in Crossville, TN, for the grading, washing, and packaging of locally grown green vegetables, must, albeit reluctantly, now hire immigrant Guatemalans to do the grunt work. Local residents, comfortable with their Obama entitlements, are just not interested. And this is not rocket science!

5. If our international business adversaries are going to manipulate the value of their currencies to their advantage, then President Trump pledges to manipulate our excise tax structures to ours. So what’s wrong with that?

6. Mr. Trump publicly signed a document provided by the Republican National Committee (RNC) that, if treated fairly as a candidate, he would support whomever the GOP selects as their nominee. Of course, it is much easier for Mr. Trump to make such a commitment now than it was the night of the FOX debate, since he is light-years ahead of his closest GOP competition!

7. He thinks it only proper that the English language be used in campaign discourse, since it is the language of American business, and to do otherwise would be disrespectful to our English-American heritage. I have no problem with that.

8. It is becoming obvious that Mr. Trump’s strongest competition is coming from the Karl Rove and others within the establishment of his own party, to whom he is an obvious threat. They might be able to defeat him, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that the Democrats, Clinton, Biden, and Sanders can no longer pose such a threat.

9. He welcomes competition from competent candidates, such as Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Scott Walker, and even outlier Carly Fiorina, who have something to offer. It is from this group that he would select his running mate and cabinet appointees. He does not suffer fools gladly.

10. As his numbers continue to rise, and those of his GOP competition continue to fall—some even into negative figures—he is speaking the mind of the everyday voter. Sort of like the dog food that only the dogs like!

I could go on, but you get the idea. Some have thought for some time that our nation’s best days are behind us. Maybe–just maybe–Mr. Trump may be the hope we need to change all that.

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