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Last week, I attended the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was my first time at the show, and I have to admit that it was a bit overwhelming.  However, at the SD Tactical Arms booth, there was a display that caught everyone’s attention, as it mocked Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah’s young fraudulent clock making jihadi, Ahmed Mohamed.

The company not only creates custom rifles, but has also given away many of them to our veterans who have been wounded.

So, what did the guys at SD Tactical Arms actually do to mock little Mohamed? Take a look:


The custom briefcase rifle was contained in a Pelican case and also featured a clock.

The clock is also a countdown timer till Obama leaves office, though one would hope that there might actually be some representatives with integrity who would do their constitutional duty and impeach and remove him much sooner, though that is probably not going to happen.

You’ll recall that “Clockboy” didn’t even build the “clock” that was meant to look like a suitcase bomb, which he brought to school.

Additionally, since I’m writing about the SHOT Show, I also discovered one of the biggest reasons of why we are in the mess we are in.

I attempted to interview people in the convention center.  I asked the question, “Do you think Obama’s executive order that would require online retailers and private sales to conduct background checks are constitutional?”

Most people wouldn’t go on camera. However, I can tell you that every one that did not agree to be interviewed, told me they didn’t know enough to answer the question.

I asked if they were Americans and every one of them said they were, but didn’t know their own Constitution! No wonder there is a problem in our country!

However, these guys were more than happy to respond.

H/T Wounded Warrior

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