Christians Have the Legal Ability to Defund Obamacare Right Now


I hope you’re sitting down for this shocking news: it looks like the Senate GOP is on the verge of folding in the current government shutdown/debt ceiling standoff.  Folding like a Texas Hold ‘Em shark with off-suit 2 and 8. Folding like a glove-compartment road map. Folding like discount lawn furniture. And finally, folding like the skin on Aunt Ruth’s chins.

I realize that the unexpected nature of this news will have caused some of you to spew coffee all over your computer monitor in horror. Gather yourself; wipe everything down; and, we’ll move on when you’re ready.

The GOP sees its poll numbers. The only thing it knows to do in the face of such things is cave. Cave like wicker chairs at a strategy session between Michael Moore and Chris Christie. Cave like… You get the picture.

Maybe, like me, you held out a glimmer of hope that a couple of men with actual spines in Congress might inspire those who should have spines to grown one. But it turns out that the old Poor Richard saying is still true: Once a squish-bomb, always a squish-bomb. And I’m reminded of the new nugget of wisdom about “payback.” You know: It’s a Primary.

Until then, though, it’s time for Christian citizens to realize that we don’t really need them. We already possess the power to defund Obamacare. It’s already part of the rules.

As Dr. Joel McDurmon of The American Vision documents, the Orwellian Affordable Care Act allows certain opt-outs, including the well-publicized feature that allows Muslims to simply decide to have nothing to do with Obamacare. It does not, as everyone knows by now, allow Christians to make the same decision.

However, what it does allow is for people to opt out of Obamcare for religious reasons, as long as they are members of health care cost sharing ministries.

McDurmon writes:

Many people are still not aware that health care sharing ministries like the one run by my friends at Samaritan Ministries lobbied and debated with Congress hard during the 2009 fight over ObamaCare. As a result of their efforts, and the nature and track record of the ministry, they earned an exemption from the individual mandate in ObamaCare for members of the sharing ministry.

Long story short, join Samaritan Ministries and you are exempt from ObamaCare’s individual mandate.

And this comes among the many other advantages of Samaritan, including the facts that sharing costs are in most cases much lower than insurance premiums, and that no money whatsoever ever funds or helps fund abortions, other planned-parenthood activities, or a variety of other sinful lifestyle consequences.

Let me repeat one sentence from that again: “Long story short, join Samaritan Ministries and you are exempt from ObamaCare’s individual mandate.”

I have visited the ministry’s website, and highly recommend you do so if you are a Christian wondering what in the world to do. Be sure to download the free PDF. It’s a couple dozen pages and does a good job of explaining exactly how the system works. It’s not like health insurance. No insurance company is involved at all. But you do need to read up on it, as there are some small qualifications involved. These however are of the sort that will not stand in the way of the average Christian joining.

That’s all well-and-good. I’m thinking it is the way my own family will go, and I will be recommending it to the congregation I serve. I’d much rather send health care money to my brothers and sisters who need it, than to the government, specifically to the IRS.

Now, I’d like to take this a step further than Dr. McDurmon did. (Which may well be stupid, since he is very smart.) Here’s my suggestion: If we all (meaning Christian Americans) signed up for this, or a similar sharing ministry, Obamacare would crumble. There are enough of us in the nation, even today. If we all opted out like this, and most of us are people who hold jobs and pay taxes, then the money supply for Obamacare goes right out the window. They think they need young, healthy singles to pay into the system or the whole thing’s a wash. Well, imagine if 25% or so of the whole employed population opted out!

I understand that Obamacare may never get off the ground, and may go down in history as the technological equivalent of the Hindenburg. (“Oh, the humanity!”) And there may still be a barrage of court challenges. And the unions may succeed in delaying the individual mandate for a while. I’m rooting for any and all of this.

However, as I argue in my book, Resistance to Tyrants, Christian patriots must not only decry that which government does poorly, or unlawfully. We must be ready to supply alternative solutions for problems. Those solutions need to be Bible-based.

We can’t whine about the government’s ham-fisted attempts at educating children without declaring, showing and exemplifying the better way that we learned from God in Scripture, for instance. Similarly, our resistance to socialized medicine will ring hollow in the ears of our fellow citizens if they don’t also see us blazing a better trail. (Or, rather, returning to the old paths, successfully.)

Right now, from where you sit, you are a couple of clicks away from showing that you have learned not to put your trust in kings and princes of the earth; and that you are ready and able to do your patriotic part to defund Obamacare.

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