Christmas and the Atheistic State of America


Now that we are almost through the summer season and will shortly be heading into fall, our thoughts will soon turn toward Christmas. TV channels are already showing Christmas movies, and although some might see this as being a little early to think about Christmas, this just could be an indication that people are subconsciously seeking to reconnect with God.

It is no secret that we have experienced a deliberate “dumbing-down” of the American people by liberal Democrats and the UN globalist agenda. I think it is not only possible, but very likely probable that people are now finding themselves in a state of spiritual-withdrawal due to the fact that God has been both legally and forcibly expelled from our schools, our businesses, our government, our lives, and even from many of our churches! Under the direction of Barack Obama America is being legally transformed from a Christian nation to an atheistic state, and we are doing absolutely nothing to prevent it!

Almost immediately following his first inauguration, Obama proclaimed that America was no longer a Christian nation. Then those in this country who were less than securely grounded in their Christian faith began to buy into this blasphemous plan to separate the American people from that most profound of all principles that once defined America, and this nation has been in a fatalistic freefall ever since! When Christians speak out against anti-Christian practices and lifestyles such as abortion and same-sex marriage, or when they try to warn people against global genocide being conducted by a governmental ideology masquerading as a legitimate religion, this is the signal for robotic liberals and pseudo-Christians to come out of the woodwork and begin beating their politically-correct drums in condemnation of such talk. They usually start by saying something like “Well I am a Christian, and I don’t see anything wrong with marriage between two people of the same-sex who love each other.” Or they will try to justify abortion by calling it a “woman’s right to choose” when the undeniable truth is that it is the outright murder of innocent yet-to-be-born children! Or they might lash out against someone who exposes beheadings by that so-called “religion of peace.” Attempting to give humane legitimacy and moral cover to such outrageous behavior is much like the people of Germany turning blind eyes and deaf ears to the genocide of Adolf Hitler when he murdered six million Jews during the Holocaust of WWII. There are some things which no amount of make believe or self-denial can justify as acceptable behavior.

And speaking of Christmas, how can a nation whose people continue to celebrate the Christmas holiday no longer be a Christian nation? How can we celebrate the Christmas Holiday, yet ignore the reason and purpose for that holiday? There is a very special feeling when our thoughts turn to Christmas that cannot be explained or duplicated apart from celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ! Who has the right to proclaim whether any nation is or is not a Christian nation, other than the people of that nation? Are we now required to concede to the edicts of an anti-American Islamic sympathizer to tell us what we are to believe?  

With that thought in mind, how many Christmases since Barack Obama became President have truly felt like those Christmases we remember from times past? I am not talking about the commercialization of Christmas. I am talking about Christmases that brought joy, happiness, and spiritually warm feelings. I am talking about those wonderful memories of Christmas when we were a child that no amount of money could buy. It has become very hard, and almost impossible at times to celebrate Christmas in America today under the thumb of a Muslim President. Even traditional Christmas carols that once brought smiles to our faces and joy to our hearts now seem somewhat empty when sung in the shadows of this global and godless environment of today.

If we are to believe that America really is no longer a Christian nation, then how else can we define this country legally, other than as an atheistic State! If America continues to turn away from God, can God’s judgment not be far behind? But, Jesus Christ did indeed come to earth, in human form, and died for us on that cross, and that makes all the difference!

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