Chuck Schumer Attempts to Meddle in House Process to Get Amnesty


The New York Times reported late last week that New York Senator Chuck-U Schumer is suggesting a, “legislative maneuver, known as a discharge petition, that would allow supporters of overhauling the nation’s immigration laws to circumvent the Republican majority in the house by bringing the measure directly to the house floor, bypassing the regular committee process.”

The Times continued, “Lawmakers and aides in both parties say that a discharge position, especially one coming from Mr. Schumer, whose views are strongly opposed by many house conservatives, is unlikely to succeed. Even if all House Democrats supported the measure, it would still require more than a dozen Republican signatures.”

Now I’m not certain that the House could do the same to the Senate – issue a discharge petition – but I could guarantee Chuck-U would be one of the first to the microphone, crying like a stuck pig, saying “How dare the House try to meddle in the affairs of the Senate or usurp the leadership’s authority,” or some such nonsense.

“This scheme has zero chance of success,” the Times reported.

“A clear majority in the House understands that the massive Senate-passed bill is deeply flawed,” said Michael Steel, a spokesman for Speaker John Boehner. “That’s why we will continue to work on a step-by-step, common sense reform.”

Quick tip: when a known dirt bag politician, or anyone affiliated with said dirt bag, mentions a “common sense” solution to anything – hide your wallet and put on your iron chastity belt.

The Times continued, “The Senate bill included a path for citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants already in the country, and House Republicans have largely dismissed it as amnesty. They preferred to take on the issue in a piecemeal approach through a series of narrower bills.”

Undocumented immigrant is so passé. I recently heard a new, even more ridiculous term for the criminal aliens. On NPR, a Democrat strategist told the cheerleader interviewer that politicians should now be using the term “Aspiring Citizen” or “Aspiring American,” although it would more accurately be described as “Aspiring Democrat” or “Aspiring Full Entitlement Recipient.”

“Discharge Positions are difficult, but when they work, it’s because a clear majority of the body that supports a specific proposal, and in this case, that is true,” Chuck-U said.

Now Chuck, if there were really a “clear majority” that support amnesty in the House, you must know the spineless Boehner would’ve already push this through.

Now, the same Republicans who support action on immigration would not betray Mr. Boehner, the Times reported. “It means you’re putting a thumb in the eye of the Speaker, not just on this issue but any issue,” said squishy moderate Republican from Pennsylvania, Charlie Dent. “You’re essentially handing control of the floor to the minority party.”

It wouldn’t be the first time that Schumer stuck a rhetorical thumb in a Republican’s eye. I don’t think he much cares about that, but it seems he would have little chance with this “discharge petition” idea. Even the squishy moderates are against it, publically.

So seriously, why the full-court press on immigration? It’s hard to say who’s really driving the ship on this one. Is it the Dems, the RINOs – maybe the White House? Are they trying to force our concentration on to immigration to distract from something else? It wouldn’t be the first time.

Or this time; is it simply, what we see is what we get?

Could it be the Democrats are so afraid of the upcoming 2014 midterm elections that they feel they must get something done right now? Might they have early internal polling that shows them getting swept away? There are a few signs of this with old fools like Henry “Nostrilitis” Waxman calling it quits.

Might the Establishment Republicans be seeing the same polling? Might they feel the icy wind of conservatives breathing down their necks? Those like Matt Bevin, gaining ground on that jerk Mitch McConnell.

It may be any or all of the above. Time will tell, but the pro-criminal alien crowd is pushing extraordinarily hard. They certainly seem to be panicked over something.

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