CNN: Polls Of Independent Voters On Impeachment "Do Not Look Good For The Democrats"


CNN’s Borger says polls of independent voters on impeachment ‘do not look good’ for the Democrats.

Gloria Borger: “Earlier this morning — I think it was this morning — we were talking about the polling. And I think we were pointing to independent voters and how, if you’re just looking at those independent voters, the polls do not look good for the Democrats. However, if you asked Nancy Pelosi would she do it again, many Democrats, they say, ‘Yes, because this is what we were sworn to do, to uphold the Constitution.’”

Fox News:

Both polls indicate – as expected – a continued vast partisan divide between Democrats and Republicans over impeachment.

But among independent voters, the Monmouth survey indicates by a wide 55-36 percent margin, they oppose impeaching and removing Trump from the presidency. In the Quinnipiac poll, independents oppose the move by a smaller 52-44 percent margin.

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The impeachment developments, which have dominated headlines in the media the past couple of months, appear to have had little impact on Trump’s approval rating – a key indicator of a president’s clout and standing.

Trump stands at 43 percent approval and 50 percent disapproval in the new Monmouth poll, which is little changed from his 43-51 percent standing last month.

The president registers at 41 percent approval and 55 percent disapproval in the Quinnipiac survey, close to his 40-54 percent standing in late November. More

That’s odd. Why is Clown News Network reporting the truth?

— Kavu Stock (@kavustock) December 12, 2019

Recent polls show that independent voters are being more and more turned off by the constant impeachment drama. Forget that around half of the country just doesn’t want this at all.

The more Democrats speak,, the more voters will turn to Republicans. And it will be interesting to watch how media will react now that the lies they have been spreading are exposed. Shameful

— Jay Bender (@JayBender14) December 12, 2019

The needle has moved. More people are now against impeachment. Thank you, Democrats, as your clown show for it has opened more eyes to your intent rather than bring people into the fold. The voting public is smarter than you give us credit for!

You think,, only a brain washed TDS afflicted #ScreechingLiberal feels there is any merit to this #ImpeachmentHoax , and they are having to fill in their own blanks to swallow it! #DemocratsFail #DemocratsAreCorrupt

— Braxie (@StillKicking62) December 12, 2019

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