CNN reporter suggests that CIA agents shouldn't be subject to federal investigation


There has certainly been a lot of talk in Washington as of late regarding who is and isn’t “above the law”.

The democrats have been using the phrase as a sort of scare-tactic, intimating their hysterical belief that President Donald Trump is somehow “above the law” – code for “on his way to becoming a dictator”.

In reality, President Trump has been badgered incessantly by a “resistance”-minded mass of delusional democrats, for whom no conclusion will ever be enough.  Despite even the clear and concise language of the Mueller report, and Robert Mueller’s own warning to get to work on mitigating Russian interference in the next election, the left is simply spinning their wheels in a bid to catch the eye of the youth voter.

All this impeachment talk is merely branding for 2020, and they know it.

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But that hasn’t stopped the Department of Justice from working to find out how the whole “Russiagate” mess got started in the first place.  Their work has taken them deep into the annals of the intelligence community, where the conspiracy theory about Trump’s time as a Russian double agent began.  (Or whatever their cockamamy theory is this week).

The opposition to this “investigation of the investigators” has been staunch, as expected, with CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz even suggesting that CIA agents should not be interviewed by the Department of Justice….maybe ever.

Prokupecz told Don Lemon the following:

“It’s troubling because it’s not — you don’t do this. The CIA kind of operates in their own world. And for the Department of Justice to start begin questioning CIA agents, people who work there, questioning their work. You know for me I think what all this comes down to is former CIA director, John Brennan. I know the president obviously has been very unhappy with the way John Brennan has behaved since he left office. I think it goes back to that.”

The CNN talking head seems to be indicating that the CIA is “above the law”, and their agents should be given carte blanche to behave however they wish.

Not with my taxpayer dollars, Simon.  That’s not how America works.

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