CO Sheriff: "I Will Protect Constitutional Rights…With My Dying Breath"


Sheriff Ronald B. Bruce has been the Sheriff of Hinsdale County in Colorado since his election in 2007. He contacted Freedom Outpost to let us know that he stands with Sheriff Scott Berry of Georgia and will not take his business to others who will discriminate against law abiding citizens in selling semi-automatic rifles, but stated unashamedly that with his dying breath he will protect current and existing Constitutional rights of those who elected him.

Bruce has been the Sheriff of Hinsdale County for the past six years. Prior to that he served in the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s Highway Patrol. He retired as a State Trooper, having served 28 years.

Sheriff Bruce wrote to me following the story on Sheriff Berry, “I’m on board with the Georgia Sheriff. If we learn of any of our suppliers that normally sold to civilians and are now discontinuing such sales, they too have lost our business.”

That’s not all, Bruce had already taken initiative by closing an account his office had with online retailer Cheaper Than Dirt. He wrote, “We cancelled our account with Cheaper Than Dirt after they quickly almost doubled their price for .223/5.56 and .308/7.62mm ammunition. They also suspended all “assault” type firearms sales to re-evaluate their position on this…read, figure how much they could get away with in the escalation of their prices for semi-auto carbines.”

Bruce was referencing the pull of the sell of all firearms following the Sandy Hook Shooting. Cheaper Than Dirt finally opened sales back up to handguns, including semi-automatics, and rifles, but are no longer offering the semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15. Dick’s Sporting Goods, which are way over priced if you ask me, went all out of their way to hide a page which featured a Bushmaster AR-15 “out of respect for the victims and their families” and had even suspended sales of modern rifles. Out of respect for victims and families you hide a product on your website and stop selling certain ones for a period of time? That’s not respect, it’s trying to be politically correct.

While Cheaper Than Dirt has brought back the sale of handguns and shotguns, even semi-automatics in both varieties, they have not brought back semi-automatic rifles such as the AR styles they carried before. They do carry accessories and ammunition for these weapons, but they are anything but “cheap.”

Sheriff Bruce is a giving sheriff. He informed me that, “We are a very strong pro-2nd Amendment Sheriff’s Office. I and my staff are currently the only certified CHP instructors in the county and offer the classes free to any county resident.”

Bruce told Freedom Outpost that approximately 50% of the legal adult citizens in his county have obtained their concealed carry permits.

He then stated what I think should be every Sheriff’s motto,

“I have assured numerous constituents who have contacted our office since BHO’s re-election, that with my dying breath, I would protect their current/existing Constitutional Rights.”

When I contacted Sheriff Bruce back in order to confirm that I might be able to share his stand with my readers, here was his response, “Let ‘er rip Tim. I like to think I’m a man of conviction and don’t shirk my beliefs in the face of opposition.”

In my book, it is men like Sheriff Berry and Sheriff Bruce who should be held in high honor in their communities. They are the last stand against an oppressive federal government. Thank you Sheriff Bruce for your commitment to the people of Hinsdale County. May God grant you strength to continue serving well and may He raise up more men of conviction to serve other counties in our country in the same manner.

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