Cold Dead Hands (Music Video)


A new song is out written by Jen Lawson and Bo Dottley and performed by Lawson. I thought many in this audience would appreciate it. It’s called Cold Dead Hands. Lyrics follow. Enjoy!

Simple man, simple ways, blue collar, American madeFear the Lord and love my familyYou better not tread on me cause in the name of Liberty

You know I’m gonna fight til the bitter end

Like a mighty oak I’m gonna stand my ground
You can bet your butt I’ll never lay these pistols down

Cause this fight ain’t just about freedom, it goes a lot deeper than thatIt’s about the blood our brothers shed so you can have a place to hang your hatAnd if you try and take em you’ll cross that line I’ve drawn in the sand

You can have my guns when you pry em from my cold dead hands.

Just a worn out Sweet 16, it’s loaded up with memoriesOne of these days I’m gonna pass it onHanded down with pride you see it’s my granddaddy’s legacy

Ain’t a man alive gonna take it away

If he were here today let me tell you sonHe’d walk through hell before you ever took his guns


Now I lay me down to sleep, 12 gauge by the door I keepIt’s there to protect my familyJust remember it’s our right to keep and bear so we can fight

Against the thugs and government tyranny

And as long as Uncle Sam stands his ground,
You can bet your butt we’ll never lay these pistols down

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