Cole Withrow, the Latest Victim Of Liberal Gun Ideology


You know, it is really difficult sometimes to even try to see the viewpoint of those on the left when they do things that are so ridiculously overboard.  Such is the case with an Eagle Scout and Honor Student by the name of Cole Withrow in Johnston County School District in North Carolina.

Cole had been skeet shooting the day prior and had accidentally left his gun in his truck and realized it after he had arrived at school.  He panicked and went to the front office to call his mother to have her come and retrieve the weapon and in doing so, was overheard by a school official.  Because of that, he was arrested, charged with a felony, and expelled. Now, Cole will have to wait a year before he can complete the last two weeks of his schooling.

It’s amazing to me how far things have come.  When I was attending high school in upstate New York, guys would drive up to school all the time with their long guns in the racks behind their seats.  In fact, the superintendent taught hunter safety courses throughout the year.  It was simply part of the accepted practice.  No one thought anything of it.

However, because of the heightened insecurity that those on the left feel about guns, the things that were normal yesterday have become abnormal and even criminal today.  New York State is not the same because liberal Democrats have been in charge for too many years.  In spite of that fact, crime has not decreased, but increased.

Yet, we have a young man who is a hunter, an Eagle Scout, an Honor Student, and active in his church who made a mistake and is paying a very dear price for it.  It would have been better if he had just hidden the gun under his seat and went about his day, but he preferred honesty.

Because he was honest, admitting his mistake, he essentially had the book thrown at him.  I don’t understand this at all.  Cole Withrow is being treated as if he deliberately took his gun and went to school with the intention of opening fire on his fellow classmates.  This is obviously not the case.

Tracey Peedin Jones, spokesperson for the district stated, “The law is very clear when a person knowingly and willingly brings a weapon onto educational property…The situation was turned over to law enforcement immediately.” [1]

But that’s just it, isn’t it?  According to Cole, he accidentally brought the gun to school.  He did not bring it “knowingly” or “willingly” and in fact, once he realized his mistake, tried to rectify that mistake.


Cole Withrow (far right) with his family.

Cole’s family has retained the services of a lawyer and there are things we can do to help Cole in this situation.

You can go to this page and sign the petition: Petition to School Board

You can also join the FREE COLE page on Facebook to keep up on the latest news.

You can also make a few phone calls.

  • For the school: (919) 936-6431
  • For the NC Governor’s office: (919) 733-5811

You can follow the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #freecole.

Finally, you can pray for Cole, that the Lord will open the way for this stupidity to go away.

This type of stupidity needs to change. It is the result of political correctness gone haywire.

The education system in this country is ruining people in more ways than simply by not educating them properly.  They are ruining young people’s lives by doing things that are patently absurd.

Suspending a young boy for carving a gun out of a breakfast tart.  Suspending another one because he taped pencils together in the form of a gun.  Expelling a bright young man for accidentally bringing his rifle to school in his locked truck.

This type of rigidity is absolutely unconscionable and ridiculous.  The truth of the matter is that common sense appears to have been thrown out the window.

Isn’t it just as asinine that we need to fight to get it back?

We have learned since writing this article that a couple of things have happened.  First, Jerry Falwell, Jr., has offered Cole a scholarship to Liberty University. [2]  It’s a great story and I would encourage everyone to read it from the link provided.

Second, the school district has now stated that Cole can graduate, but his graduation will take place at an alternative school.  This is unacceptable to Cole’s family.

We will certainly keep readers posted as we learn new information regarding this situation.  Stay tuned.



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