Colorado Recall Vote Kicks Anti-Gun Senators Out Of A Job


With so much going on, the Colorado recall elections are something that I have not been following very closely. About thirty years ago I launched what became the very first successful recall election in the history of Kern County California and based on that experience am painfully aware of the horrendous costs that can be incurred when We The People rise up against “elected officials”. But the Colorado recall elections serve to remind us all that THIS CAN BE DONE.

Colorado State Senator Angela Giron and Colorado and Senate President John Morse are out of a job because, as elected officials, they failed to remember that they were elected to represent We The People and instead chose to toe the Progressive Party Line.

We need to put this successful recall election into a proper context to fully appreciate this historic event.

These two officials were supposedly representing “Deep Blue” districts; i.e. districts where the voting demographic is significantly tilted in favor of the Progressive / Democratic Party.

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There are lessons to be learned here!

President Richard Nixon popularized the term “The Silent Majority” by which he meant the great number of people in this country – on both sides of the aisle – who simply do not bother to vote. It was The Silent Majority that elected the current regime in Washington D.C.

I recently spent a pleasant evening with former Democrat now Republican Senator Elbert Lee Guillory from the great state of Louisiana. His “conversion” from Democrat to Republican was facilitated by another friend that I have gotten to know over the last couple of years, K. Carl Smith, a former commanding officer of Delta Force.

Like the DSIC (Dip-Stick-In-Charge) in Washington, K. Carl Smith is an orator and his message resonates with those willing to listen.

The Republican party has long since lost sight of anything even vaguely resembling a message turning instead to favoring a strategy of attacking the opposition – and each other more often than not – with nothing to offer as an alternative message and vision for this country.

In the world of fashion and in the world of music one often hears the phrase: What is old is new again. We see it every year with the elevation of women’s hem line, and we see it when now 87 year old Tony Bennett can experience a higher professional peak in recent times than he did back in the 1950s.

My point is that we “Old Timers” are always pointing back to the historic times when this once great nation was born, and that turns people off; discounted as nostalgia.

We need to “repackage” the message and the vision of our founders and present it as new as both K. Carl Smith and Senator E.L. Guillory are doing.

It is the message that brings “the silent majority” back into the fight for the soul of this country and back into the voting booths.

Editor’s Note: Gun Owners of America‘s Erich Pratt cited the following concerning the recall:

This was truly a historic effort and the first time in Colorado history that there has ever been a recall election — let alone a successful one.

Democrat Senators John Morse and Angela Giron lost their bid to hold onto their seats in districts that heavily favored Democrats. (In fact, Giron represented a district where only 23 percent of registered voters are Republicans.)

In Morse’s race, 51% of voters pulled the recall lever to eject him from office, while 56% of voters sided against Giron.

As stated by the New York Times this morning, the recall has given “moderate lawmakers across the country a warning about the political risks of voting for tougher gun laws.”

Your activism in Colorado has truly been a model for the rest of us to follow!

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