Combat Veterans With PTSD or TBI Losing The Right to Bear Arms


Politicians are introducing bills to disarm the very people that fought and risked their lives for our freedom and Bill of Rights. Over 127,000 Veterans have been placed on the Federal gun registry criminal check system because they have Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). They are now unable to own a firearm.

Only 185 of them have realized they are on this list. At least a felon has his day in court. Do these combat veterans not even deserve that? Of all the attacks lately on the right to bear arms, this is a new low.

California law enforcement officers are petitioning the state to pass a bill so retiring officers can keep their “assault weapons.” As it is, they are not allowed to keep their guns after they retire. California State law makers are considering this, while they take the right to bear arms away from returning combat veterans.  Senator Schumer (Democrat-NY) seems to be the latest politician after the 2nd Amendment from every angle possible. Even where he can’t get the door open he’s getting the doors unlocked and cracked.

Senator Tom Coburn (Republican-OK) has been fighting to stop the bill. He says, “All I am saying is at least let them have their day in court if you’re going to take a fundamental right given under the Constitution.”

However Senator Coburn’s congressional aides state he has little support and is likely to drop his effort to amend this Defense Bill which contains this new law.

See more on this issue discussed at FOX News

So if you have been diagnosed with PTSD or TBI you could be the next veteran to receive a letter from the Veterans Administration stating you’ve lost your right to bear arms.  This is wrong on so many levels and will have a horrible affect on veterans. I was wounded in Iraq in 2004. After eighteen months in a medical hold company and a few surgeries I was medically discharged and told to go see my VA representatives. With seventeen injuries, they rated fifteen of them and I was rated 180% disabled. PTSD and TBI were two of my injuries. They gave me a prescription for anxiety, nightmares, migraines and depression. For the most part the medicine has helped.  Two months ago I received a letter from an informed friend saying, get off all your meds and tell your VA shrink your doing fine. Then go see a private psychiatrist. It hasn’t been any fun but I have done it and am not seeking any private mental health therapy either.  I have also quit going to TBI classes for treatment.

My Nephew has been home for a few months after serving with the 173rd Airborne for four years. He stays in his house and doesn’t leave. He also has PTSD and will not go to the VA for help because he is afraid of losing his guns. This new law will have this same affect on tens of thousands of returning combat veterans. I watch the news everyday. Have I missed something? Has there been a combat vet go on a mass shooting? The last one I saw was a disgruntled cop who had never even seen close quarters combat. I don’t see them taking guns away from police officers.

See the letters that these Veterans are receiving.

Veterans and those who care about them need to start writing their Senators, Congressional Representatives and attending these Second Amendment rallies. Most importantly get the word out!

As a proud American, I volunteered to go to war and fight for our freedom and Bill of Rights. As I crossed the Iraqi border I thought of the 3,000 people murdered by Islamic terrorists.  I would have never guessed that my government would would fear our veterans, the very ones who defend everything this great nation is. Using this logic our founding fathers would have had their muskets taken away after winning our freedom and creating our nation. I am left to wonder what would happen if the Democrats win the House in 2014? I guess I’ll look for a sheriff friendly county in Alaska somewhere.

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