Community Organizing For Right Wingers: Strengths-Based Conservatism


In lieu of yesterday’s supreme court decision concerning homosexual “marriage,” I think it is due time to take a new approach to how we are going restore honor and dignity to this crumbling nation. Since I have taken up political commentary I have attempted to educate folks about the psychology of tyranny and my own experience in witnessing the methods used to implement it in our universities. I have spent a great deal of time discussing the influences of radicals in our education system, many of you are aware of this as the new common core curriculum is taking hold. I have made every effort to make people aware of what it means to be a “community organizer” on the left and I surely have tried to teach those that will listen how we can turn the tables on those who seek nothing but the fulfillment of their unachievable utopia, at any cost mind you. Finally I have spent a great deal of time discussing how social work education is pushing many of the radical concepts we see playing out every day as our nation becomes more and more unrecognizable. Today, it is time for a new approach.

Today, instead of talking about Saul Alinsky and communism, hateful liberals and name calling, I am going to talk about something called the strength based perspective in social work, and how it can be used to save our sanity and our character. In many ways social work seems to be a profession that fits well with the ideals of conservatism because something like the strength based perspective actually demonstrates a belief in human beings and their ability to pull themselves up and achieve something. All too often however it is the radical liberal who has an agenda who occupies these social work jobs, and let’s face it, if there are no victims than there is no need for a social worker. Essentially, the strength based perspective allows a worker to guide a client to discover their own strengths and answer their own questions based on these strengths. In many cases it does require a commitment to viewing the client with what is referred to as “unconditional positive regard.” In my opinion, unconditional positive regard can be a very abstract concept because in many cases it is taken to the extreme and the idea of holding people accountable and teaching them they have “choice” goes to the wayside in favor of preserving their self-esteem. In some cases it has to be that way however. With all of this being said I believe a little comparative analysis is in order so we can preserve our self-esteems and remember just who we are.

If there is one fundamental difference between what influences the left and the right it is faith, pure and simple. Conservatives believe in people and we believe in life. The left likes to play as if they are the ones who care about life, yet they protest angrily over any attempt to protect the lives of our most innocent simply so they can avoid responsibility for their actions. This is certainly not a characteristic that exhibits strength and it will reap consequences. It’s funny because the left espouses humanism and claims to believe people are “good” but carry on with the notion that we need an all-powerful government to guide our actions. Conservatives on the other hand typically believe we are all sinners and should seek God for guidance in our lives, yet we also believe we are capable of self-governance. This goes straight to the heart of what defines conservatives and the left. We have real compassion for people that allows us to see them as individuals who are capable while the left, in their quest for total power see people as merely pawns that need to be controlled and told what to do. Conservatives believe that people want to do their best while the left takes advantage when people show their worst. It all comes down to the simplest of elementary lessons folks, it is harder to love than it is to hate and we all know who is hateful.

This article is influenced by a couple of extraordinary people I had the distinct opportunity to spend some time with. One is struggling with colon cancer while the other simply is driven by a love of country unmatched by any other. Their words and actions had tremendous bearing on how I was viewing things and it reminded me of who we are as Americans. My friend with cancer goes to work every day and continues to work out, even while receiving chemo therapy while continuing to give his family the emotional support they need. That is something that reminds us that Americans don’t give up people. We appreciate life and we intend to live it while striving to be the best we can. The other man explained to me that he believes the positive aspect of America’s current predicament is that it brings extraordinary Americans of all walks of life together. There is no better example of looking for the best in a bad situation. This is the attitude of true Americans. As the left continues its barrage of smear tactics designed to bring the worst out in people by calling everyone who disagrees with them a bigot, we are searching for the best in our fellow countrymen. This is just as sure to reap its rewards as the lefts actions are to reap consequences folks.

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Don’t let them tear you apart America. Instead of reporting your neighbor for suspicious activity reach out to them and look for their strengths because you are likely to see that they are not that different than yours. America was once known for its unbreakable spirit and rugged individuality. The goals of the left are to break that spirit and destroy individualism and replace it with collectivism. The only way they can do this is if we forget what our strengths are.

God Bless You America and be Safe.

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