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There is quite a spectacle going on within the details of the George Zimmerman trial. I have barely been following the case but a few of the tidbits I have caught are nothing short of the ridiculous theories on race and white privilege that I have been exposed to as a student in the social sciences. The best example is how the prosecution’s star witness admitted to not being able to read or write in cursive and the media blowing it off because it is part of her culture. Failure and poor academic performance are part of the black community’s culture; really? It’s funny because when I see this my heart sinks to know our education system is failing our children this way, while the left wing media simply acknowledges it as a symptom of being black and yet somehow, I am the racist? Just as is the case with critical race theory, the media and the left in general are trying hard to give the impression that “white privileged America” can never understand the black condition because they are oppressed victims. Having personally witnessed the teaching methods that keep racism alive within our public institutions I have to agree. The black community is being used and abused by the liberal left to keep their welfare state alive and thriving with more money pouring into social agencies and dependency creating welfare programs than ever before. What do you expect with a president schooled in the Alinsky method and the Cloward and Piven strategy?

Many people believe that our country is at a point where race relations will be impossible to improve upon because of the harsh and bitter divide between white America and black America. A divide mind you that is purposely fermented for a political agenda nonetheless. Admittedly I too carried around that attitude for some time because it seems reasonable that a population that was taught it was oppressed and lied to about the truth of their “slave past” would unquestionably support the first black president. It’s only natural, wouldn’t you agree? Most black people, having been kept down by the very liberal democrats they vote for only understand one thing; they are in fact disproportionately more impoverished. Generational poverty and broken families are all too common in the black community and they have been taught it is the fault of conservative republicans even though historically speaking republicans have championed civil rights for blacks far more than democrats. Finally, this brings me to my point. Black Americans are waking up to the fact that Barrack Obama’s policies have done absolutely nothing to improve their “lot” in life and they are now witnessing the president and his democrat controlled senate attempt to lessen their opportunities by giving amnesty to nearly 30 million illegal immigrants.

In fact the Tea Party News Network is reporting that prominent black leaders from organizations like the Black American Leadership Alliance are organizing a massive protest in D.C. to oppose the immigration bill. The question remains if they see the connection between the bill and Obamas support for it. They realize that allowing 30 million immigrant workers into the country will disproportionately affect the black community as many impoverished blacks are already dependent upon the low wage jobs that are the result of liberal democrat policies in their communities, if not completely dependent upon welfare. It seems with this bill the democrats are pushing aside a voting bloc they believe will forever vote for them in favor of a new one. Another thing the black community must have noticed is the fact that president Obama just gave Africa 7 billion dollars while blacks in America still suffer the highest unemployment rate of any demographic group in the nation. While they may never admit to a white man, this has to be disheartening for so many who put so much hope into this man. It should also be noted that there are few blacks who support homosexual marriage.

The point to all of this is that these misguided social policies offer a chance for white and black America to unite on issues that affect us both. Amnesty will also affect the millions of “legal” immigrants who came here to assimilate into American life because they wanted freedom, not handouts. While the media and the professional left are seeking ways to keep us from talking with each other I sense something different that has just recently occurred to me. There is a desire among blacks and whites to bridge the divide folks, there really is. The problem is that too many people are being taught that whites will never understand blacks and blacks are being forced fed the garbage that whites are their oppressors. This is being done to keep us from talking about the very issues discussed here; we all know this is true. The problem is that the distrust is too deeply seated and there is little if any chance that the average white person can engage the average black person on issues of race and politics. In fact I would dare say that it would have to absolutely be black conservatives that have to reach out to their communities. Unfortunately we know what happens to them when they do. We have to make the efforts to stand behind any black movement that seeks to defeat liberal policy folks, even if it is just one issue we find agreement on. This will disrupt the confidence of the left as blacks and whites uniting are what they work every day so feverishly to prevent.

I spend most of my words trying to inform readers about community organizing. Its due time America we take the very principles the left uses to ferment hate and discontent and use them to start teaching the truth and bridging the gap between two groups of people that have far more in common than we have differences. The left would have us believe that black people are incapable of living in a merit based society because their original culture is “tribalistic.” So we are supposed to abandon our values and norms because of this and a failure to accept it is automatically labeled as racist. Simultaneously, prominent black leaders that prove beyond a reasonable doubt they are just as capable in a merit based system are discredited and ridiculed so the left can save face and keep their ridiculous theories relevant. I for one have had enough. America, the conditions are right for people of this country to unite on the issues being used to keep us divided. With the right approach and the right alliances we can get this done.

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