Compare the Leviathan Obamacare to the Fair Tax and What Do You Get?


I’ve begun looking at candidates for a U.S. Senate seat in North Carolina to replace the Obamabot Kay Hagan.  We have a crowd stepping up for that seat, 5 running so far.  They all seem like nice folks. There is one woman and four men. Two of them are doctors. One is a broadcaster personality and two are libertarians.  One is the current Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives.  One is a pastor, representing the Christian conservative side of things.  There is rumored subterfuge, some of which has credibility, with Karl Rove backing one or two of them.  Rove’s rumored scheme is to back one (of the two) of them as a spoiler to knock out the most likely Tea Party contender.  Party politics is becoming uglier.  I’m sure it always was and I am just seeing more of it.  

So as I’ve been looking at these candidates I am finding one or two of them are promoting the Fair Tax.  Red flags for me, if you have read my former posts about that.  All of the candidates are saying they would make the effort to get rid of Obamacare.  Green lights all around on that one.  But what is a person thinking… that they know Obamacare is bad, but they want to say the Fair Tax is good? Am I crazy or are these folks disconnected from reality?

Both Obamacare and the Fair Tax are leviathan programs of taxation.  Both programs grab a huge amount of the economy for control by the Federal government.  Oh…yeah..those Fair Tax guys say it doesn’t control anything, but just taxes new goods and all services.  They say you would be in control by deciding to purchase or not.  Uh huh.  Obamacare taxes medical devices and insurance policies.  Obamacare takes over 1/6th of the economy.  The Fair Tax would take over most of the economy, all but the ‘used goods’ part.  You don’t have to pay the taxes unless you want to get your hair cut or buy a new house or car, or new clothes or dishes, or pay someone to wash your car, or buy Christmas gifts for your family.   But that’s o.k.  You don’t have to pay Obamacare taxes unless you buy an insurance policy, or want a knee replacement or a pump for your diabetes medications.  No problem.  What?

Both Obamacare and the Fair Tax require a new IRS scheme of collections.  Both require a new technological solution of reporting your activities to the Federal government.  Both are expensive, comprehensive, unwieldy, and use an untrustworthy government bureaucracy to implement all of the processes.  

I’m going to say the obvious, once again, about the Fair Tax.  The Revolution that created this nation was begun by fighting off consumption taxes by a controlling government.  What has happened since then?  Today we have people promoting themselves as patriots who are promoting consumption taxes.  What is the difference between Obamacare, which taxes your health insurance, and the Fair Tax, which taxes your purchases of goods and services?  Again, both use the Federal government to decide what will be taxed and using technology to track your purchases.  At least if the tax is based on your income, the minutiae of your daily life is not tracked by the IRS.  Granting that tracking everything by the Federal government is now becoming the norm, there is another disconnect; some of the same people who like the Fair Tax also say they are against Smart Meters and Black Boxes which track every kilowatt hour you use and every mile you drive.  This gives me whiplash!    

Surely we can do better than this. 

Libertarians, such as the Reason Foundation, are lately promoting ‘public private partnerships’ for roads using tolls, too.  They pretend this is a “free market” solution, when it is nothing but a taxpayer guaranteed profit scheme for some corporate entities who manage infrastructure projects.  The Fair Tax is nothing more than a different name for the VAT (value added tax) used in the EU.  As long as you are using VAT type taxation, then just pile on carbon taxes while you are at it.  As far as I can see, the Fair Tax is a VAT tax and is all too similar to Obamacare taxes.  Instead of, or in addition to, taxing your healthcare, the Fair Tax taxes everything else. I just can’t get excited about a candidate who wants to promote that for America.  I want the Federal government taken down to its proper size…the one where DC is only in charge of national security and foreign relations.  All of this domestic manipulation of citizens’ personal lives needs to bite the dust as all other socialist tyrannies eventually do.  Let’s get rid of it now while we still can.

I’d say I’m confused, but I don’t think I am.  Something doesn’t compute with this kind of thinking.  I’m definitely not happy about candidates promoting themselves as conservative constitutionalists, but are then promoting programs that are anything but constitutional solutions to shrinking the out of control Federal bureaucracy.

I’m continuing to look at the candidates for this Senate seat.  I hope I can land on one that makes me happy.  If I do find that candidate, is it one who can win?  The search continues.

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