Concerned Citizen to Moapa Valley Town Board Meeting on Bundy Ranch Seige: The Feds will “Fire the Next shot Heard around the World, and We Will Fire the Rest!”


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A concerned citizen spoke up at a recent Moapa Valley Town Board meeting, which convened to discuss the current Bundy Ranch siege. He spoke openly about what is taking place by the Bureau of Land Management against the Bundy’s and citizens who go there to protest the BLM’s actions, warning that armed forces, including snipers, are putting ordinary citizens in their sights. He warns the people that the federal government is doing this to the Bundy family now, and that while many may not care because it doesn’t seem to impact their lives, this gentleman says there may come a day when each of us is surrounded in the same manner.

“These BLM boys, the feds, … have decided that they have the authority to shut down 600,000 acres of public ground, which affects all of you one way or another,” he told the audience. “Then they go the authority to hire a bunch of contract cowboys, who go out there and get a bunch of cows during calving season.”

The man said that there was a lot of doggie calves, at this time of season, who are anywhere from a day to a week old, and due to the efforts of the BLM, the mother cows are not with the calves. According to this citizen, the BLM isn’t even bothering to pair the mother cows and the calves up to each other. “They probably ain’t smart enough to pair ’em up,” he said. “They probably don’t even have a clue as to what the hell I’m talking about.”

He went on to compare how the tortoises and the mustangs in the area get special privileges, but the calves are being given the same treatment. “Did God not create the cow?” he asked.

Then the concerned citizen states where things go way beyond Cliven Bundy.

“They can throw an army of men around there… with sniper rifles on people just like you are, men, women and children,… out there, who believe they have a right to be there,” he stated. “Maybe you believe in some other place that you believe you can be. Someday they’re gonna throw that army of men around you. And then somehow they feel like they got the right they can drop a damn tripod in the ground and set a sniper rifle on it, so if you cross a line they can put a bullet in you. Who the hell who the hell is the man behind that trigger? I wanna know… which one of you guys gives that guy the authority to throw that rifle down? And when he does which one of us is he going to shoot? “

The man adds, “Good god, didn’t he grow up in this country? Are we gonna give it up? This is a helluva lot bigger than Clive Bundy… they are setting a precedence…”

He then pointed out how when the BLM was done with Bundy’s land, they would move on to the land in Iron County, to “save the mustangs, and clean them ranchers off.”

From there, the man said they would head up into Utah, where he said sarcastically, “the sage grouse and the Indian paint brush is being threatened, and clean them cattlemen off.”

“I can promise you that when they’re done with it, they’re gonna take your damn water,” he warned. “They’re gonna tell you when you can water your fields, what you can plant and where you can sell it, and you can bet your ass this is where this is going. This is bigger than Clive Bundy.”

The audience erupted in applause at this last statement.

He then concluded, “And when Clive decides to goes back in there after his cows, and they’ve got orders to shoot anyone who goes in there, I’m gonna be with him.”

A woman in the crowd interjected, “Carrying a gun I hope.”

“No, no, because them son of a bitches will fire the next shot heard around the world… and we will fire the rest!” he declared as another round of applause and cheers rose.

It’s about to get real in Nevada fellow Americans. This man may be simple, but he’s far from simple-minded. He sees where all of this is going, and people would be wise to make their stand now, rather than later.

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