Congress Has Become Obama's Useful Idiots & They Think We're Stupid?


America, the door is rapidly closing on any opportunity to save our nation. We have reached the point where our elected officials, people given their office on promises of representation and the defense of liberty, have crossed the line. They act as if they have been chosen by destiny and have the divine right to lord over us as they believe themselves to be “the elite.” While the demands grow that the Affordable Care Act be repealed or defunded, politicians had the audacity to make a deal exempting themselves from the law. Conservatives have spent the past four years exposing this law for the socialist power grab that it is. Republicans cleaned house in 2010 on the promise of repeal. Now here we are. These people not only refused to do what they promised, it appears they put more effort into ensuring “their” premiums will not rise by thousands of dollars. Now that there is this clear line between us, the peasants, and them, the ruling class, we will never again be a representative republic. The offices of congress themselves no longer represent a position of duty and service to a free people, but rather an office where the plunder of the public treasury and the expectation of reward for pulling the party line are the new norm.

I am afraid this is more significant that what many people may realize. The senate republicans have been compromising our liberty away one step at a time with the belief that “compromise” is what the American people want. Unfortunately we have a population that is so dumbed down through socialist indoctrination they are more adept at arguing why they need government to take care of them than they are at citing any part of the constitution. In my opinion, and I am certain that it is shared by anyone over the age of 40, these people should all be recalled and tried for treason. Allowing themselves to be exempt from a law their constituents are demanding they defund is not supporting and defending the constitution. Going home for recess and hiding from those that put them in their seat of absolute power is not the act of an individual that deserves such status. It is cowardly and I will not be ruled by cowards.

The reason this is a significant development is because it goes right along with the other “deals” that have been made between the socialists and the idiots we call republicans in the senate. The most recent one was the issue of the filibuster when it came to the presidents nominees for positions in Agencies like the EPA or the BATF. The new BATF director wasn’t even being considered when the deal to absolve the filibuster was being negotiated. In typical liberal fashion they threw him in at the last minute. For those that may not know, the new BATF director which was just confirmed by the senate is B. Todd Jones and he is best remembered for making threats against whistle blowers in the fast and furious operation where our government illegally ran our guns to Mexican drug cartels. This is what happens when the useful idiots that we call republicans make deals with the socialists that pose as liberals. What back room deal was made that relieved our beloved rulers of having to participate in Obamacare? The promise to stop the efforts to defund it? Campaign dollars? How about this one, the ratification of the small arms treaty?

I believe that everything that is occurring has the same end goal and that end goal cannot be achieved completely while Americans are still armed. It is no secret that Obama intends on signing this U.N. treaty during the congressional recess which starts this month. The treaty would need to be ratified by the senate before having any teeth; however, this change in procedure concerning the filibuster may have some consequences in this ratification process. Another thing that should concern you is the rate at which bureaucratic institutions such as the EPA are issuing their own rules which are to be considered the law of the land with no congressional oversight. This is mental conditioning that is designed to get you to accept that they have legitimate authority to make such rules. Even if the small arms treaty isn’t ratified the fact that the BATF has a director, which is something that the senate has refused to confirm for years incidentally, should raise an eyebrow as it coincides with the signing of the treaty. In other words America, the BATF is going to serve as the enforcement arm of the treaty weather the senate ratifies it or not. This is just a theory of course, but do you trust the slime that call themselves senators to risk losing their Obamacare exemption just you can have an AR-15?

If there is one thing I know for certain it is the fact that you must respect yourself before you can respect others. It is beyond obvious that our government, those people serving in positions that once represented a free and prosperous people, have no such respect for themselves. How could they, when they know in the deepest part of their soul what they have just done? They have sold us out for their own power and prestige. For what, the illusion of compromise with a political party that continuously reneges on their deals and takes more than what was agreed upon? How about a political party that will go out of its way to humiliate you if you don’t play ball? Well congratulations Republicans, you have successfully become the new definition for the term “useful idiot” while simultaneously ensuring the destruction of your own party. And you think we’re stupid?

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