Congress, I'll Give You The Scissors! Cut Spending Please!


I have a few pairs of scissors (as long as they still let me have them) and I would be more than happy to share them with Congress and the President of the United States to start the cutting of government spending. I’d even pitch in to help with the job. Heck, I’ll start a campaign to send them all the scissors they would need. While everyone this past week was having kiniptions about how dreadful our lives will become if government actually cuts some spending, I thought, “Why is anyone complaining about this?” The Federal government has become so intolerably fiscally insane, I say cut away! And do cut some more! Please! Chop, Chop!

I know that you all know some of the stories about wasteful spending coming out of DC. You remember the silly little research study of Chinese prostitutes and alcohol use. Wasn’t there something about a squirrel lately? The sad thing is there is so much of it, if we were digging it out, we’d never see the bottom of the pit.

Heritage has a glimpse into some of it here.

And then of course there is the “green” slime, taking your / our greenbacks to throw down the sewers of “green” nonsense. You don’t know the half of that reality. This next article gives you a peek into what our dear leaders are doing on behalf of the planet. Alan Caruba of the National Anxiety Center wrote in 2004:

“It is mind-boggling the billions of US taxpayer dollars that are squandered annually in the name of ‘protecting the environment.’ Nor are these millions and billions devoted to just the US environment. They are just as often given way to foreign nations, many of which have a track record of corruption.

I was thinking about this as I read a speech given in Stockholm, Sweden, on March 2 by John F. Turner, an Assistant Secretary for Oceans and International Environment and Scientific Affairs. If Turner were any more Green he’d glow in the dark. He represents a vast Fifth Column of Greens that are everywhere in the government, having been attracted by fellow travelers like Al Gore and Bill Clinton. They are in many agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of the Interior, and, like Turner, even in the State Department.

The US government is engaged in one of the biggest land grabs in history and they are doing it in collusion with a matrix of so-called environmental and conservation non-government organizations. They are doing it using your money! If successful, there will be fewer and fewer places for people to live, create new businesses, ranch, farm, or use our natural resources in any fashion, i.e. mine it, drill for it, or log it.

Turner noted “the United States has cemented 13 formal bilateral relationships with both developed and developing nation to address climate change.”

And here’s the kicker! “What’s more, the US spends $1.7 billion annually on climate science and related science, more than the rest of the world combined.” It gets worse! “Over the next five years, the United States has pledged $1.7 billion to develop clean, hydrogen-powered automobiles.” That’s billion with a “B” for an automobile that nobody wants, nor needs.

This is what the Greens call ‘sustainable development.’ If they were honest about it—which they never are—they should call it ‘no development.’

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The US, noted Turner (John F. Turner, an Assistant Secretary for Oceans and International Environment and Scientific Affairs), will let some countries reduce their debt by agreeing to “protect valuable tropical forests.” Peru, for example, won’t have to pay what it owes us in return for preserving 12.5 million hectares of rain forest. What Turner doesn’t mention is that logging is one of the ways Peruvians have of making a living and depriving them of that, much as was done to many American logging communities in our Northwestern States, will destroy an important element of that nation’s economy.

The waste of tax dollars in the name of the environment is beyond comprehension, but it illustrates just how totally infiltrated the federal government is with both legislators and civil servants who feel free to ignore the best interests of Americans. In the process, they are destroying the key element of our economy, private property, and, in the name of “sustainable development”, seeking to thwart every manner of development.”

California has soaked the Federal government for billions as well.

Feds to pay Californians unemployment payments is shocking and unfair to the rest of the nation. California uniquely owes the federal government more than $9 billion for unemployment compensation.

Then there is this microscopic glimpse on unelected Federal agencies spending money on grants for green. Zack Maxwell refers to a company named Republic that has figured out how to milk the system from all directions:

In Indiana, Republic acquired $500,000 to buy 15 CNG trucks as part of the DOE’s Alternative Fuel Vehicle grant program. As part of the grant process, Republic must work with the Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition.

The DOE is re-distributing millions of tax dollars in the form of grants to companies like Republic to upgrade its fleet to compressed natural gas vehicles (CNG). These grants are available through a nationwide network established by the DOE called the Clean Cities Coalitions.

In Mount Holly, N.C., Republic received a $100,000 state grant to help pay for new carts. One of the key requirements for getting the grant was that the carts be equipped with RFID chips. Mount Holly doesn’t have an RFID reader to collect and compute the data being sent from the chips, but the city hopes to get another $10,000 grant to pay for one.

Republic received another $500,000 in Dayton, OH, for RFID-equipped carts.

Oh, and of course they don’t let the military off the hook. You and I are paying $26.00 buckaroos per gallon for fuel for the U.S. Navy.

Under the administration’s directives, the Navy has launched a new “Great Green Fleet” of ships that use a 50-50 blend of conventional and alternative fuel, made from seeds, algae and chicken fat.

The cost of this fuel: $26 per gallon.

I especially love this one. This is our money paying to teach government employees that Americans are evil bastards and stole the nation. It’s all for “Diversity” training, don’t ya know.

Judicial Watch uncovered a major scandal inside the USDA, where taxpayers have been funding an expensive “cultural sensitivity” program that requires federal employees to bang on tables and repeat the words, “The Pilgrims were illegal aliens,” among other ridiculous chants.

Really? I paid for that? Oh, that must be Obama redistributing my wealth, or lack of it, as the case may be. Yeah, those damn Pilgrims. It’s all their fault! I need to pay up for what they did! Yeah, that’s right!

Here’s an idea. Why don’t we all print a little picture of scissors and send it to our DC reps and senators. Do you think they would get the hint? Nah, don’t waste the stamps. The situation is so far out of control, you can’t even wrap your mind around it.

Well, if any of my DC reps and senators wish to borrow my scissors…..(I’m sure I’d never see the scissors again either.)

Chop, Chop!

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