Connecticut Gun Registration Forced on Gun Owners


The old adage “history tends to repeat itself” is truer than anyone can imagine. Any student of history knows how Hitler disarmed the German people; he initiated gun registration. On January 1, 2014, the State of Connecticut’s new gun laws go into effect which left Connecticut residents standing in long line to register their semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines. It is happening in America. Gun registration has been implemented in Connecticut. What’s even worse is that many residents consider this new law by the state an “unconstitutional” requirement, but are complying anyway.

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The Connecticut gun control laws were passed following the Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connecticut shooting, which some believe was a hoax to initiate the gun control agenda. Please do not misunderstand. I am not saying the Newtown incident was a hoax nor am I saying it didn’t happen. What I am saying is there is information compiled by several individuals indicating this incident could have been a mass “psy op” perpetrated against the American public by government in order to promote an agenda related to gun control. In other words, the government uses an incident so horrific that it would convince individuals to concede their Second Amendment rights for the illusion of greater public safety.

Connecticut resident Scott Boccio said, as he stood in line to register his firearms, “I understand why they’re doing it, but I don’t think it’s constitutional.”

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Another resident registering his magazines, Charles Gillette, said he would have a problem if the state were trying to ban magazines or firearms, but “if they just want to know where they are, that’s fine with me.”

Jared Krajewski stated, “If people are going to do things illegally, they’re not going to be here registering their guns.”

Take a good look at Connecticut. Here is the perfect example of sheeple. Residents know these gun laws are unconstitutional; yet, they obey by marching nicely down to the town hall to register their firearms and high-capacity magazines. The first order of business toward gun confiscation by the government is to find out where all the guns are, who has guns and what type of guns and ammo they have.

Evidently, these residents of Connecticut have been duped into thinking that gun registration would prevent a mass shooting since that has been the rhetoric spewed by politicians and the media since the Newtown incident. Some residents like Jared Krajewski think that anyone who would refuse to register a gun are going to do things illegally. This is an example of mass brainwashing at its best.

The people of Connecticut are on the front lines confronting the initial stages of gun control with possible confiscation in the future and are failing the rest of the nation. Here are three shining examples of what is wrong in this country. When courage and bravery are replaced with compliance, apathy and cowardice, tyranny reigns. Knowing something is wrong and failing to act in opposition to it is just as bad or worse than not knowing. These residents need to go back and take a look at the countries who instituted gun control measures; the governments of those countries killed millions of their own citizens who were opposed to the platform of their government or who happened to be Jewish.

To the residents of Connecticut, I say this:

While many of you may not like guns and could care less if there were a gun in the world or not, there are many individuals who believe that the God-given right of men to defend themselves against tyranny and slavery are not to be encroached upon by others. Our founding fathers knew it as truth and set forth a means to ensure that this right should not be discarded by governments instituted by men. Whether you realize it or not, those without a means to protect themselves are subject to gross violations of every evil nature conceivable by man. It is only the ability to bear arms that ensures all other God-given rights.

The first rule of thumb in obtaining an object is to first know where the object is located. Hitler used this very effectively when he ordered the German Jews to register their firearms. It wasn’t long afterward that Hitler decided to confiscate those firearms and imprisoned the Jews who came to comply with the law. Many were murdered in death camps scattered throughout the German occupied territories.

Governments are made up of men and man is fallible, suffering from imperfections and tendencies to exert control and power over others. It has been seen time and time again. While it may seem that our government would have the best interest of the people at heart who it serves, this is not always true: especially in the atmosphere that has now enveloped our country.

Take a good look around you. Our federal government and our president disregard the law at every turn. The judicial system is increasingly partial toward government and law enforcement has become more a pseudo-military style of operation during wartime, than an organization designated to “protect and serve.” Citizens in this country have been subject to invasive body cavity searched without probable cause or warrant. We are spied upon daily by our own government. People are being stopped for DNA samples around the country under the guise of a “public safety” study. Freedom of speech and assembly along with having grievances with our government addressed are becoming non-existent. This is becoming the land of the enslaved more so than the land of the free.

Connecticut has a proud history of being an original colony that, together with twelve others, forged this great nation of ours. Battles were fought throughout the state in the American Revolution where our ancestors gave all to ensure that their posterity would have a prosperous future, secured with all the rights God endowed mankind and subservient to no one man or government. They forged a nation based on the idea of self-government, believing that all men could participate in government and understand unjust laws and decrees.

No one has to “think” your state law is unconstitutional. One reading of the US Constitution’s Second Amendment will tell you it is. The law of the land, the US Constitution, was written to uphold individual rights, not subject individuals to mob rule. An unjust law is not law and should not be obeyed. Mob rule can be one of chaos and absurdity. If the majority believe it’s in everyone’s best interest to control what you eat, do you not believe you have the right to eat what you want and like? If a law were enacted to make the purchase of a soda larger than 12 oz. illegal unless you filled out an application and you wanted a 16 oz. soda, would you comply or would you believe it unjust and refuse to follow it? While this is a simple example and many will view it as an apples and oranges comparison, the principle remains. Ask yourself this; “how many criminals did prohibition produce?”

When you purchased your firearm, you did not have to register it with the state. Why are you having to register it now? Because a law was passed to do so? Are you going to be a criminal for not registering your firearms? And the notion about people who do not register their guns will be doing illegal things is absolutely the most blatant example of brainwashing by government as yet. Were individuals prior to this registration doing illegal things who were law abiding firearm owning citizens?

Is it any business of the government to know who has firearms, what type and where they are? The government, state and federal, is subservient to its people, not the other way around. By complying with this unjust law instead of calling it what it is, it sets a precedent for other states and possibly the federal government to enact unjust legislation since the residents of Connecticut have demonstrated their willingness to comply without complaint or resistance. Where is your outrage, your civil disobedience? Many standing together can fight a tremendous foe.

Connecticut residents have a lot of hard questions to ask themselves and to honestly answer; that is, if you didn’t turn your brain off at the behest of government. You have embarrassed many Americans and those who fought and died for your freedom and rights. An opportunity presented itself to you to take a stand and it was wasted since you complied. From the looks of it, the government knew which states to implement gun control measures: California – no ties to the original colonies’ sacrifice and full of leftist liberals who have sniffed too much Coppertone and become blinded by the lights of Hollywood; Connecticut – the sentiments of the residents interviewed and the push by Newtown residents speaks for itself; New York, NY – the city in an original colony taken over by the liberal banking establishment intent on helping to bring about one world government playing host to the world ruler wannabes; well, you get the idea. I pray there are brave and courageous individuals in other states who would stand up against unjust laws and be counted since Connecticut, you ain’t it.

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