Conservatives Fail to Remove Any Establishment Republicans from Senate in Primaries


Some of the most emotion filled movies have a storyline or plot where an individual or group of individuals succeeds in beating overwhelming odds. In other words, it’s a story where the underdog wins. These types of movies just don’t involve humans either, but animals as well.

These days, conservatives appear to be the underdog, but at this point in time, we are not succeeding in overcoming the odds. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) defeated his conservative challenger, Joe Carr, in the primary. This means that “every Republican incumbent senator running for re-election defeated their conservative challengers in GOP primaries.”

It was the last opportunity for conservatives to replace incumbent Republican senators.

Earlier this year, John Cornyn of Texas, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Thad Cochran of Mississippi and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina won their GOP primaries against their conservative challenger. Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas also won against challenger Milton Wolf. While other primaries are scheduled, none include incumbent Republican senators.

In the past, conservative challengers have succeeded in replacing GOP incumbents; Utah Sen. Bob Bennett lost in 2010 and Indiana Sen. Dick Lugar lost in 2012.

Is it surprising that conservative candidates are unpopular among voters? Not really, when you consider the extensive smear campaign used by establishment Republicans against all conservatives. Democrats and liberals are just as at fault in painting conservatives in a bad light.

In all fairness, there are many conservative Republicans. However, these incumbents have records that indicate they go along more with the establishment Republican Party line. RINOs are Republicans only by virtue of the party indicator under which they seek office, but prove to be liberal progressive in their stance on issues. A vote cast for a Republican is not necessarily a vote cast for freedom, liberty and God-given unalienable rights.

The race in Tennessee between Carr and Alexander was an interesting one as the poll boards were not consistent in definitively predicting a leader or winner. Alexander’s camp had released a poll showing the incumbent senator ahead by 29 points at one point. But, a Tea Party Nation poll showed Carr trailing Alexander by only 8 points.

Carr pegged Alexander for refusing to participate in public debates in the state of Tennessee. Alexander’s reason for refusing to debate was he “debates every day on the Senate floor.” Carr was right to call out Alexander for refusing to debate. Alexander’s own statement reeks of arrogance. A debate on the Senate floor is different than debating an opponent seeking to attain the incumbent’s seat. However, Tennesseans overlooked his arrogance when casting their vote.

Carr, in another slam on Alexander, accused him of backing Obama and Reid instead of standing with conservatives on issues. He also pointed out that Alexander missed a procedural vote on an amendment to prevent Obama’s ability to unilaterally offer amnesty to illegal alien invaders. Still, none of this mattered to the voters of the Volunteer state.

Evidently, the majority of Republican residents of the state of Tennessee are pleased with the performance of Alexander and support a more liberal progressive agenda.

But, it isn’t just Tennessee; it’s other states as well who chose incumbents to run in the November elections against Democrats.

What is it about conservative values that are abhorrent to the population of the United States and the Democratic and Republican establishments?

It could be broken down to one idea – freedom through limited government established under the Constitution of the united States of America resulting in upholding of God-given unalienable rights. The values and principles of the founding fathers frighten many individuals. Freedom means being responsible for oneself, taking personal responsibility for choices made. It means choosing your own direction through your own will– you get out what you put in. Those that work hard are rewarded in proportion to their efforts. Freedom means accepting blame when one’s actions caused an unfavorable outcome, lying in the bed that you yourself created.

These concepts are almost frightening to some as it is much easier to blame someone else for your own failures. It’s much easier just to do what someone tells you than it is to think independently for yourself, exercising their will which God granted those made in His image. It becomes easier to go along to get along, avoiding any critical deductive reasoning, than it is to take personal responsibility for making and fixing your own debacles.

The evil of envy has engulfed many to the point they are willing to legally rob/steal someone else’s hard earned money to raise their standard of living thereby lowering the standard of the hard worker.

The life of a slave is structured; there are no unexpected events, responsibilities or free wills. Things are the same from one day to the next without any improvement. There is, however, always room for decline. The big government slave is subjected to excessive rules and regulations over every aspect of life leaving no room for independent will, thought or emotion.

What does it say about a United States where people are willing to keep the skewed status quo, choosing big government instead of looking for a better horizon and embracing freedom?

The propaganda campaigns of establishment Republicans, Democrats and liberal progressives against conservatives has taken its toll. Instead of being looked upon as upholding the founding principles of this nation, conservativism is now being earmarked as a detriment, a vermin needing to be extinguished in the name of the collective good, and an outdated ideology. There is no room in the current political climate for the principles of liberty, freedom, and God-given unalienable rights – or so these pundits would like for us to believe.

While conservatives may have suffered a set-back, the struggle in this nation is not over. The odds may seem overwhelming; however, even a small horse named Sea Biscuit accomplished what many thought was impossible.

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