Constitutionally Defined Troops & How We Should Support Them


Most of the U.S. military is illegal, according to the Constitution.  This monograph will give you a few basics and point to additional resources.  Every assertion herein is true.  If you’re active-duty or a veteran, it will make you furious — and then challenge you NOT to hang your head in shame, but to be a leader right here at home, rather than a hired killer abroad.  

I hope to shock you awake and test your allegiance to the Constitution.  Christ said that no man can serve two masters; if you’re a former or current military employee or family you need to choose allegiance…the Constitution, or your industry?  Every American should support our troops — but ‘our troops’ means two mutually exclusive things:

  • the U.S. Constitution defines “our troops” as the Citizen Militia
  • the military industry and employees claim “our troops” means only them 

Verify this in the U.S. Constitution (Article I, Section 8, Clauses 12-16). Those are the only references besides the Second Amendment that relate to national defense.  Go there right now…I’ll wait…

The Constitutional definition of ‘Our Troops’

Okay, you can read right there that ‘our troops’ are defined in the U.S. Constitution as only a Navy (clause 13), and Citizen Militias “to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions” (clause 15).

Representative Elbridge Gerry, on August 17, 1789 in debate on what later became the Second Amendment, wrote: 

What, sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty. Whenever Governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins. 

Clause 12 stipulates that Congress can only fund Militia ground operations for two years at a time, whereas Clause 13 suggests that the Navy can be full-time to defend our shores.  

So forget the Second Amendment and the century-old Dick Act; citizens owning and bearing MILITARY GRADE arms — semi-auto, selective-fire, and fully automatic (‘machine guns’) is not only a right stipulated in the Second Amendment, it is a DUTY of every citizen in Militia, as stipulated in Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 of the Constitution.

The Posse Comitatus Act and the 1903 Dick Act only reiterate what the Constitution had already guaranteed — and what GOD had granted from the beginning. 

Military cannot defend our Constitution while violating it

As for the Coast Guard, I believe that branch logically extends from the Navy, and it provides a valuable lifesaving service to Americans and others in U.S. waters, every day.  The Air Force and space-based defense might even be said to be a modern-day equivalent of the US Navy defense perimeter concept of the 18th century; fine.  Although the Constitution has to be amended to make them legal, in principle they are a defense shield; a high-tech extrapolation of the founders’ intentions for a Navy — defending our coasts.  

But this is not true of the U.S. Army or Marines; the idea of a standing army on American soil or plundering foreign lands for industry would have been anathema to every Founding Father.  The Citizen Militia of the several States was the only armed force that they ever intended on American soil.  The founders passionately believed that free citizens in Militia would keep America free, whereas paid government troops would destroy our republic.

But I am NOT against military employees!  Let me repeat that: I have absolutely nothing against military employees.

As I’ll explain below, I believe that most members of the United States armed forces are among the finest, most honorable and dedicated Americans alive.  Of course, just as many courageous and honorable Americans are NOT in the military industry and never have been.  I consider most military employees a valuable asset to this republic, though a few of them are sociopaths seeking a legal way to kill, even as gang members satisfy that lust. 

As horrible as your deployment(s) may have been on your spirit and mind, as a U.S. veteran you can become the most vital resource in America’s near-term future.  You can restore the righteousness of the duty you believed you were performing for your country.  Read on! 

Our Troops: arming for national defense NOW

Obama claims to have taught constitutional law.  Thus I suppose he has read Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 many times; he knows that the American people, in buying millions of firearms and tens of billions of rounds of ammunition, are responding exactly as Clause 15 and the Second Amendment indicate Americans should.  Like a giant organism, We The People are attempting to respond as antibodies against a looming threat to our lives, liberties, property, and way of life.  We The People are arming; buying up tens of millions more firearms and billions of rounds of ammunition.

The problem is: we are doing no more than that, so we are not meeting the founding fathers’ plan for national defense: the Militias of the Several States.     

Remedial Civics & History Resources

First, for anyone that still does not know how the military industry has evolved into possibly our greatest domestic threat, you need to learn some facts about the military industry’s history from 1890 to 2013.  Read Stephen Kinzer’s book Overthrow: America’s century of regime change from Hawaii to Iraq.  No matter how you may love employees of that industry who wear its uniforms; no matter how you may think it is ‘defending liberty’ — by being ignorant of 20th century history, the moral hazard is that you support exactly what the founding fathers despised. 

Kinzer’s book demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt that not one foreign action/invasion by the U.S. military has ever been conducted for the national defense of these sovereign States of America.  Not one. 

Andrew Bacevich formerly taught at West Point and was a decorated officer in Vietnam.  His book The New American Militarism explains that the national military built since the Lincoln administration is antithetical to everything the founders believed.

The smallest book on this subject, but possibly the best, is an 80-year-old classic written by the most highly-decorated U.S. Marine in history, Major General Smedley Butler.  In his classic little booklet called War is a Racket, the repentant old war-horse writes

“I helped make Mexico…safe for American oil interests in 1914.  I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in.  I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. …I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-12.  I brought electricity to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916.  In China, I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.” (War is a Racket, pg. 10)

Secondly, presidents cannot initiate wars.  As James Madison, Father of the Constitution, put it: 

“The declaring of war is expressly made a legislative function. The judging of the obligations to make war, is admitted to be included as a legislative function. Whenever, then, a question occurs, whether war shall be declared, or whether public stipulations require it, the question necessarily belongs to the department to which those functions belong–and no other department can be in the execution of its proper functions, if it should undertake to decide such a question.”

Some troops plunder…others keep us free

In my lifetime I’ve witnessed this domestic enemy that President Eisenhower (a former 5-star general) warned us about.  He dubbed it the ‘Military-Industrial Complex’ and it is a HUGE business for overseas industries of every kind.

When I was a kid, those U.S. troops (unknowingly) defended the Rockefeller and Michelin families’ rubber plantations in Vietnam; but for the past century the U.S. troops also provided free mercenary forces for the petrochemical industry in Central and South America and the Middle East.  It is a perfectly symbiotic relationship: while providing free mercenary services for U.S. industry overseas, the military industry is a massive business in itself.  Its supply train is long, wide, and complex, affecting almost every sector of industry. 

Contrary to the military industry’s propaganda, U.S. military employees deployed overseas, and every single foreign military base operated by that industry, is illegal and has NOTHING to do with ‘keeping us free’. 

Resources for Those Suffering PTSD

For stories straight from the mouths of today’s enlisted Americans, see THESE personal horror stories about the industry.  In THIS article, pastor Chuck Baldwin describes one recent suicide victim’s note, explaining the horror of the war industry — and the part played by America’s pastors in stoking the flames of eternal war.

For an articulate view of the war industry’s fraud — even in the U.S. Navy – read THIS article by columnist Ken LaRive.

For a detailed analysis of how we are taught to kill other human beings, read THIS definitive book by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, that explains why we are all naturally unwilling to kill, except in self-defense or the defense of home or family.  The Founding Fathers designed our military around the Citizen Militia, a purely defensive force, because this is the only ethical national defense.  Americans are now programmed from early childhood by the ‘entertainment’ and computer gaming industries to love the act of killing.  The war industry uses this programming to ‘deploy’ you to kill in homes and neighborhoods on the other side of the world, with no declaration of war.  This is not only illegal; your moral soul fights it all the way.  

One last resource is this book by psychotherapist Edward Tick, entitled War and the Soul: Healing our Nation’s Veterans From Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

That’s the bad news; America’s dirtiest big secret.  You are human, and having killed others has made you want to kill yourself.  For God’s sake, PLEASE seek help; read these books, and please read the rest of this article!  You can turn your training into a profound blessing for your fellow Americans, and provide a career for yourself as well. 

I have shaken your foundations with the bad news that you were defrauded by your employer; you believed your indoctrination.  As Major General Butler said, war is a racket.  To live out the rest of your life with restored sanity, you must face the truth, learn how you were abused, and then you must forgive yourself.

Let me repeat that: the first thing you must do is FORGIVE YOURSELF.  The Lord knows your heart!  We all sin; sometimes worse than others.  But what you did in ignorance, having been defrauded by a ruthless industry, God will never hold against you.  Go to Him in repentance for any life you may have taken, and know that God is in the business of forgiveness. 

The duty of every Oath Keeper: Be a National Resource

I deeply respect Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers, trying to convince military employees not to turn against their sovereigns, the American people.  Stewart may be one of the most important leaders in our republic in this generation.  Yet, I think we must do much more than keep public servants with firearms from abusing or killing citizens.  

The U.S. Army and most of the operations of the U.S. Marines are technically unconstitutional as I have demonstrated.  But you were paid by the taxpayers to defend the Constitution from every enemy foreign and domestic.  It’s still in your DNA and in your training to stay true to that oath.

Seven of the past nine U.S. presidents and their congresses have cut deeply at the Constitution’s roots.  Obama is finally the bridge too far; his open disdain for the sovereign People and the Constitution have placed We The People on high alert — yet we are unprepared to defend the republic when the time comes.  Yes, tens of millions of us have fine firearms, even almost military-grade equipment.  But most of us could not serve effective militia duty to save our souls; we have no training.

Now, you veterans — especially those with recent and/or specialist training — will be some of the most valuable citizens in this republic.  If you’re still a federal employee, don’t re-up; retire!  Then you can serve this republic as never before.  

AmericaAgain! Minutemen™

Here’s the idea that AmericaAgain! is working on, to restore the Militias of the Several States — the military defense designed by our Founding Fathers.  The plan has two aspects: state legislation, and the individual trainer or training center.

Minutemen Legislative Teams

If your state legislature doesn’t have a decent Militia statute, it’s not fulfilling its role as assumed in the U.S. Constitution.   AmericaAgain! wants to put you, an articulate and trained veteran, in position to repair that breach. 

You must be a relatively good speaker and writer, or at least willing to brush up on those skills.  AmericaAgain! will equip you with information.  See this article for further details.

You recruit a minimum of four more AmericaAgain! members in your State, who become your Minutemen Legislative Team, to support you in your mission: brief your State Legislature to fulfill its duty stipulated in Article I, Section 8, Clause 16 — and then see to it that it does so.

Our sovereign States have abdicated their duties because We The People have abdicated ours.  To restore the pre-constitutional American Homeland Security of our founding fathers — the Militias of the Several States — the first step is AmericaAgain! Minutemen™ Legislative Point Men, with the support of all AmericaAgain! members in your State, pushing a solid Militia statute through your State Legislature.

A major aspect of your legislature’s Clause 16 duty is funding and equipping Militia teams and officers for training, muster, and logistics networks.

AmericaAgain! Minutemen™ Training Centers

If you own or operate a firearms training facility, or are a veteran with tactical training experience who lives near such a facility, AmericaAgain! is actively seeking AmericaAgain! Minutemen™ Affiliates from coast to coast.

Selling firearms and ammo to fearful or anxious citizens is not enough to form competent local and State militias. Simply buying an ‘awesome bad-ass’ household armory does not make you a useful member of the Citizen Militia.  The mission of every AmericaAgain! Minutemen™ Affiliate is to make the historic transition from ‘shooting sports’ to serious citizen Militia training for every able-bodied citizen that desires it, and is willing to pay a reasonable fee for training in firearms handling, safety, and maintenance; in tactical operations and militia communications, logistics, and protocols for most conceivable threats to the community.  See this article for further details.

So, veteran: stop hanging your head in shame.  Yes, I’ve been tough on you; not because I don’t appreciate your sacrifice, but because you have been fighting for the wrong cause.  You’ve been unwittingly violating the Rule of Law you swore to defend.

If you’re Navy, according to Clause 13 you’re legal, but if you’re in any other branch of the military industry, get out!  Then, help your fellow citizens by using the leadership skills you learned at their expense, to rebuild the Founding Fathers’ constitutional homeland security force.  The greatest military veteran stories are yet to be told — and yours needs to be one of them.  Americans by the millions are waiting to be trained to do our duty as citizens.  Will you stand in the gap of history?  

Today’s nonsensical Second Amendment discussions 

After the recent mass shootings in theaters and government schools, the gun-grabbers and properly armed citizens are going at it again.  This is nothing new, and it’s healthy.  The body of our free republic is healing itself; defending itself as antibodies do against infection.  But still, we’re asking the wrong questions and fighting the wrong battle.

To understand why the Second Amendment is not even the right battle to fight, read this article describing how the gun lobby is actually working against restoration of a ready Citizen Militia as required by law.

In the past 25 years’ arguments about the Second Amendment, we’ve heard nothing about the pre-constitutional nature of America’s military defense, the Citizen Militia.  Edwin Vieira’s new CD-ROM resource will change that, over time.  It is an exhaustive study on the history and law of American national defense — the Militias of the Several States.

I am against illegal wars, but I am not ‘anti-military’.  I firmly believe that American veterans are the key to the next phase in our history.  Although almost every country on earth faces turmoil and upheaval in our day, no other people can lawfully, peacefully do what America’s veterans can do through AmericaAgain! Minutemen™.

The duty of well-trained veterans will be to prepare every American to be always ready to defend not only our homes but our republic, against ALL enemies foreign and domestic.  

There are 70-80 million armed men and women in these sovereign States — current and former military employees as well as those who never worked in that industry and would never do so.  According to the Constitution, all of us are the U.S. military.  By working wisely and diligently at this critical time in world and American history, we can all keep America free, by the grace of God.  

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