Courageous French Woman Blasts Islamists' Demands of “Tolerance & Respect” as Islamization Envelopes France


I recently ran across a video of a young French woman as she describes what is taking place in her country with Islam. The video does have subtitles, but the viewer will be able to follow the logic along very well. She makes the comparison that those who oppose Islam are called “Islamaphobes” and “intolerant,” while Islamists can do whatever they wish.

Some of the video is quite startling as it captures what is taking place in France, which is nothing more than the Islamization of the country.

islam-in-france-300x200-1The video starts out with a 1974 quote from former Algerian President Houari Boumediene, also known as Mohamed Ben Brahim Boukharouba:

One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go North.

They will not go there as friends, Because they will go there to conquer.

And they will conquer with their sons. The belly of our wives will give us victory.

What is taking place in France is years ahead of the West, but make no mistake, the Islamists mean to take no prisoners when it comes the advancement of the caliphate.

One wonders why this woman gets it and yet the leaders of her country do not. I could say the same thing about those in the leadership of the United States, but I think we all know that many of them are simply complicit in what is taking place by remaining silent due to political correctness.

The below translation comes courtesy of Oz-Rita and the subtitling comes from Vlad Tepes. My fellow countrymen, this is what awaits us if we do not stand up to Islam.

00:14         Today I’ll start with the interview of a woman

00:18         of Trappes leaving the mosque. Listen, then we talk.

00:22         Muslim woman: “between Muslim brothers

00:26         one can attack others

00:30         one can attack a Christian but never a Muslim”

00:34         Bravo Madame you said out loud what Islam whispers

00:38         So: one can attack a Catholic

00:42         but one cannot attack a Muslim. Good.

00:46         And it’s I who lack respect?

00:50         I’m told we, in France, don’t show respect

00:54         and that we are absolutely intolerant.

00:58         So, today lets speak about Tolerance.

01:02         Let me make some important points: In France

01:06         we used to call Religious holidays

01:11         Easter and Christmas.

01:15         Now they are “Spring holidays” and “Winter festivals”

01:19         OK, we are not tolerant. Lets talk about French canteens

01:23         changing their menus to please everyone

01:27         Ok, we are still not tolerant

01:31         we can talk about all the Halal butchers

01:35         more than 70% of our abattoirs changed into

01:39         Halal abattoirs. We are still not tolerant

01:43         In France we have 2248

01:47         mosques. We are not tolerant.

01:51         To give you an idea: in Algeria there are

01:55         50 Churches, 7 of them will be demolished shortly.

01:59         and it’s still us

02:03         the Intolerants. In 2008 there was a priest

02:07         (just a small example among many), who was convicted

02:11         to 1 year in prison in Oran for celebrating a religious feast

02:15         outside his church.

02:19         If one talks of Tolerance while looking at what is happening in our country

02:23         every week during “prayers”

02:27         to speak of tolerance, really!

02:32         (Muslim prayers in the streets of France)

02:40         One tells me that we are not respectful

02:44         towards their religion. We are not respectful?

02:48         have you seen stones being thrown at people coming out of their mosque?

02:52         I don’t believe so. But last year

02:56         worshipers were attacked in a Catholic church during mass.

03:00         yet we will be told again not to mix up things

03:04         Newspaper: Faithful stoned during mass.

03:08         Lets talk numbers: In our French prisons

03:12         60 – 70% are Muslim.

03:16         This number does not come from me, it comes from the Grand Imam

03:20         of France. (Islam, first religion in French Prisons)


03:28         Another number just published: 80% of

03:32         Maghrebins (North African Arabs)

03:36         don’t work and live off Social Services.

03:52         When I see

03:56         in a bus one single (French person) while 50

04:00         other individuals shout “Allah U Akbar”

04:04         You call that “respect”? I call this provocation.

04:08         Allah is great

04:12         Allah is the only god

04:16         and Jews are the enemy of Allah

04:21         and Jews are the enemy of Allah

04:25         It’s time

04:29         to put things back into their place and to stop

04:33         telling us that by having an opinion about Islam

04:37         we are Islamophobes. Stop it.

04:41         It’s an excuse for denial of the truth

04:45         I have nothing against Muslims.

04:49         I do have a problem with Islam, supposedly

04:53         telling us

04:57         that the (Koran) is a book of peace and love.

05:01         A book of peace and love

05:05         which has 255 incitations

05:09         to hatred, Jihad and to hatred of Jews

05:13         and which accepts only one god, Allah.

05:17         Lets take stock:

05:21         2248 mosques, 200 more being built

05:25         the Cathedral (name?) which has been totally razed to the ground

05:29         with bulldozers because 3 million were needed

05:33         for renovations. And we have

05:37         200 mosques under construction? Yep!

05:41         Destruction of the Cathedral

05:45         she refers to (name inaudible)

05:49         so we French

05:53         have to come together

05:58         Islam is a great religion, powerful

06:02         and strong. The problem of the French and Europeans

06:06         is a lack of solidarity

06:10         I don’t call for hatred whatsoever

06:14         nor for violence. I only invite you to reflect on the future

06:18         of our country. It’s important. I thank

06:22         all my supporters and sites who publish my videos

06:26         I thank you all, I send a little kiss to all of you

06:30         Merci and Vive la France.

While some have said that one of the methods to halt and reverse mass immigration that has been tried in England and possibly in other European countries is to invoke article 169 of the United Nations treaty in respect of the rights of indigenous peoples and to forestall any attempt at the genocide of the same, our own Publius Huldah has explained that the United States has sole power to eliminate such immigration into our own country. I have called for it, but few have joined forces with me. Perhaps I should make another attempt to stop any and all Islamic immigration into the United States.

UPDATE: As if this were not enough, my good friend Sheriff Ron Bruce from Colorado sent me this telling video:

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