Cover-Up? New Black Panthers Held Secret Meeting Sunday In Baton Rouge


Something smells funny. Something smells VERY funny. As the old saying goes, normally where there’s smoke, there’s fire. If we’ve learned anything over the last 7+ years of the Obama dictatorship, it’s that when there’s smoke, there’s normally a raging inferno burning somewhere, often times the inferno being caused by the administration itself from either their incompetence, or by nefarious design.

Furthermore, we’ve also learned that Team Hope & Change has a history of letting an inferno burn as long as they have to, because no crisis should go to waste. Regardless of who gets harmed in the process, or how many lies Captain Transparency has to tell the American people while looking directly into the camera, Team Hope & Change will let the inferno burn long enough to give them enough time to attempt to cover-up whatever they feel they have to.

Do you know what tipped me off that there might be a raging inferno burning somewhere behind the scenes right now? It was Obama’s press conference today. Did you notice there was no talk of gun control? During Obama’s reign of terror, it’s a historical fact that mass shootings have gone up over 700% under Barack Obama, and without exception, after each one Obama has immediately jumped to gun control during his press conferences. That wasn’t the only thing that struck me as being “off.”

Obama also seemed seriously distracted, or seriously irked by something, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the deaths of the officers. History proves by his prior actions that the deaths of police don’t weigh on him too heavily. No, it was something else. I don’t know what it was, but it’s not just me who noticed. I’ve also heard several different TV pundits make reference to Obama’s strange demeanor during today’s press conference. Obama also didn’t take any questions afterward. I can’t say for certain, but has that ever happened after a shooting?

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All of that got me thinking, so I started searching for news that was reported as to close to the actual time of the shooting as possible. My hope was that I might find something that could have been said before the narrative was intercepted or altered.

The following video lays out my findings, and there is no doubt the official narrative is suspect to say the least. With at least $500 million invested into this ongoing Soros scheme, today’s shooting might have really screwed things up…

As I mention in the video above, all the early reports said there were multiple shooters. It wasn’t until later in the day around 3:30(ish) that Colonel Mike Edmonson of the Louisiana State Police said there was not currently an “active shooter scenario” in Baton Rouge, and that the only shooter involved was now deceased. It looks like the government is going with the lone gunman on the grassy knoll story again, since it worked out so well any other time they’ve used it [eyes rolling].

THE FOLLOWING WAS TIME STAMPED: JUL 17, 2016 AT 9:26 AM – The Advocate reports:

Dispatch reports on police scanners show police on Sunday morning were responding to a report of a man armed with an assault rifle near the B-Quik store on Airline Highway across the street from Hammond Aire Plaza. About 8:45 a.m., an officer makes a report about a “lady who came up and said there was a suspect walking with a (unintelligible) and an assault rifle out here behind the store.”

Two minutes later, there were frantic calls for help. Shots fired, officer down, shots fired, officer down!” an officer could be heard yelling. “Got a city officer down, shots fired! Shots fired on Airline!”

[…] – You can read the full transcript at the link provided. This is abbreviated to save space. 

A few seconds after that, officers spotted what they described as a “second” shooter.

“We have eyes on a subject,” he said.

At that point there was another frantic call of an “officer down.”

In the police dispatch audio that was released later in the day (and can be heard in the video below), the part above highlighted in blue was omitted. Coincidence? Somehow, I don’t think so. The video starts off with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and Pierre Thomas (ABC’s Senior Justice Correspondent), and they are discussing reports that had already come in earlier in the day. Stephanopoulos says:

“Officials have said that at least one suspect was killed. They expect that more are on the loose.”

Normally, when you hear, “they expect,” that means whatever is being discussed is not certain. I understand that. HOWEVER, there is a little more going on here. There were multiple reports on multiple stations early in the day saying there was more than one shooter, George Stephanopoulos reports that he too heard there was more than one shooter, but that could probably be explained away with any number of stupid excuse we’re used to hearing, right?

The giant red flag here, is the items previously mentioned, a transept of the police dispatch time stamped at JUL 17, 2016 AT 9:26 AM that MENTIONS a second shooter, AND audio released later with that part of the transcript conveniently cut out. Sorry… but that doesn’t add up. Why the need to cut out something if there is a reasonable explanation for it?

If there was miscommunication during the “fog of war” and police dropping, then it would be understandable. All they have to do is say that, but they don’t. Instead they doctor the tape. Once recordings get tampered with, red flags go up immediately. Take a look at the video below, then I’ll explain how it’s all related.


If the New Black Panther party was responsible for the death of the officers, that would throw a serious wrench into a plan that has cost hundreds of millions of dollars (as you’ll learn below), and involves the global elite. The quicker the shooting can be cleaned up the better, so a second shooter would be a serious liability.

Recall, in a previous post titled, Black Lives Matter’s Twisted Plans To Escalate Chaos and Force Martial Law, I covered the June 10th email account belonging to Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson that was hacked. As part of the hack, it was revealed in Mckesson’s own words that he was in contact with the Obama administration. Referring to an alleged conversation Mckesson had with Loretta Lynch, he wrote:

“We spoke two weeks ago, and they want us to start really pushing how racist Trump is now instead of waiting so the others can start getting the protesters ready to shut both conventions down.” 

Whether DeRay Mckesson really WAS in contact with Attorney General Loretta Lynch or not, we don’t really have any way to KNOW. Based on what we already know about DeRay, I’m sure he’s a fine upstanding honest young man who would never tell a lie, but the comment could be explained away easily enough by saying Mckesson was lying to his fellow activist, in an effort to make himself seem more important than he really is…. or was he?

Here’s what we DO know: Mckesson has been in touch with someone at the White House, and it sure appears to be Obama. As you can see by his tweet below, Mckesson met with Obama personally for over THREE HOURS on July 13th, which was just four days ago.


What do you suppose a power crazed narcissistic sociopath for President (one with a paper trail dating back to 2010 of his intentions to use the Military on U.S. citizens), and the leader of a domestic terrorist group talk about over a three-hour meeting, ESPECIALLY when said leader has already put the world on notice about his group’s intentions. As part of the hacked email account of DeRay Mckesson on June 10th, he said he following as well:

“If we can get both conventions shut down for messing over Bernie, and for racist Trump, then we can get Martial Law declared so Obama can stay in office…”

Here is why I think Obama was distracted, or “irked” during his press conference today… I think he’s a bit panicked. If the New Black Panther party did have something to do with the officers that were shot today, and they did plan the act at the secret meeting the group held yesterday in Baton Rouge as the article below discusses, then Obama is not in control the way he thought he was, and understandably that scares him.

As you’ll learn in the final video, Soros and his gang have invested over $500 MILLION in Black Lives Matter and whatever their plan for chaos is. That is why DeRay Mckesson is living in some rich donor’s luxury home in Maryland, and why he was placed into a cushy job where he’s paid $160,000 per year. Like all things liberal, DeRay Mckesson is a phony.

Mckesson is not a “street activist,” as he claims to be. How many “street activists” rub elbows with billionaire, and get THREE HOUR meetings with the President of the United States? He’s a hired gun so to speak, or a well paid “Community Agitator.” Take a look at the video from DAHBOO777.

We know Obama has zero intention of stopping whatever chaos Black Lives Matter plans to start. Zero. How do we know? He just met with Mckesson for THREE HOURS in the White House for Pete’s sake. Even own CIA has linked Soros to terrorist bombings overseas, and we know Soros and his radical left-wing groups have invested at least $500 MILLION in Black Lives Matter, and what is being done? Zip. Nada. It’s safe to say Obama is on board with his longtime ally George Soros’ plan.

You know what I think? I think todays shooting genuinely caught Obama off guard, and I think the strange demeanor we saw at Obama’s press conference might have been fear. He knows he may have one of two very big problems. Either thanks to the unplanned attack today, security will be at an all time high for both conventions, putting Soros’ plan, and hundreds of millions of globalist dollars at risk; or 2) He realizes Pandora’s box might be open now.

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Obama chose to be an apologist, rather than condemning violence against police, and he may have missed the only window he had to halt the raging race inferno he’s been fueling for his own personal gain back when it was still manageable. Said another way: He may know he’s lost control of the beast.

100% Fed Up Writes:

The New Black Panthers are increasing membership while keeping meeting locations a secret in an effort to ramp up before the 2016 elections. The newest “chapter” just held a secret meeting yesterday in Baton Rouge. Who knows yet if this is connected to the ambush and murder of Baton Rouge Police Officers today. With emotions running high after the Alton Sterling controversy and then the arrest of three in a plot to kill cops in Baton Rouge, the Black Panthers are the LAST thing Baton Rouge or America needs right now!  

 Why does the black community need to revive a racist organization like the Black Panthers? The answer could be that we have a president who marched with them and their leader so he’s only encouraging membership by showing his support for them.

Baton Rouge residents gathered Saturday afternoon to form the newest chapter of the New Black Panther Party.

The New Black Panthers arrived in Baton Rouge last Saturday to protest the officer-involved shooting death of 37-year-old Alton Sterling. Two videos of the shooting sparked national outcry and protests across Baton Rouge.

Jerald Justice said the group was approached by local residents like Edwin Smith to help establish a Baton Rouge chapter.

“It is time for new leadership and a new organization to step forward in Baton Rouge,” Smith said. “I feel like the New Black Panther Party is the organization that can bring new leadership to Baton Rouge.”

Founders met Saturday to formally establish the chapter as well as gather names for new members. WBRZ News 2’s Earl Phelps was able to briefly attend the event on the condition that he does not reveal the meeting’s location.

“With the help of the New Black Panther Party, these members should be able to handle any or everything in their city,” Justice said.

Over the course of five days, authorities arrested 185 protesters in Baton Rouge. Friday, District Attorney Hillar Moore said that his office will not prosecute 100 protesters who were only charged with misdemeanor crimes.

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Article posted with permission from The Last Great Stand.

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