Defending The Truth About the UN’s Small Arms Treaty


While the main stream media tries to vilify anyone that opposes their socialist agenda I cannot help but be amused at their tactics. The truth now more than ever continues to come out at lightning speed. This direct effect comes from the tireless efforts of real reporters seeking the truth, while the mainstream media (MSM) and paid off newspapers try to collectively minimize the damage through lies and deception. We are making a difference and the MSM is now having to report on issues they once refused to cover, including the truth about the United Nations Small Arms Treaty.

The effect of real reporters spreading their findings on the radio, blogs, YouTube, emails, and many other forms of communication has changed the way MSM is able to manipulate the news. Where MSM fails to report the truth to the American Public the bloggers, on the ground reporters, and truth seekers are educating the American public and the world on what’s happening behind closed doors.

Vindication has come in many forms over the last couple of months to those of us that have been tirelessly reporting on the issues detrimental to our Country. As MSM has labeled real reporters “conspiracy nuts,” “right wing extremists,” to “down right crazy people” and “racists” in order to silence truth and discredit the facts, they are now having to swallow their words due to the many scandalous actions that have been brought to light. The MSM was and is under the strong illusion that people will just take their words as “fact”, not research to find out if there is truth behind what we have been reporting. Because if people were to find out the truth, not only would there be an uprising of Americans demanding answers, but they would lose their credibility as well.

Whether it be the Benghazi cover up, which MSM tried to blame on “Republicans using it simply for a political move,” which backfired once found out that the Benghazi whistle-blower is a registered democrat that voted for Obama and Hilary, Operation Fast and Furious, corruption within the IRS targeting “tea party,” “patriots,” etc…, Common Core “Communist” education, or the attacks on our Sovereignty via “UN Treaties.” Try as they may there is no hiding from the truth. There is no way they can dispute the facts written in black and white. We have freely shared unclassified departmental documents time and time again to prove their larger agenda, to expose this evil and save our country from destruction.

Due to the efforts of thousands of individuals working together, seeking truth, and spreading information via internet and radio congressional hearings have begun and new hearings scheduled. These hearings have been motivated by facts, and the people’s refusal to sell out, turn a blind eye, or give up on the hope of saving our country. Because of the efforts of many there are now congressional investigations into DHS hoarding ammo, IRS targeting “Tea Party” and “Patriot” groups, Benghazi pushing forward, bills to block UN SATT, Pentagon being held accountable for their “Extremism Training,” and the list goes on and on. We are making a difference in a big way and the “globalists” and “elite” don’t like it. We are holding those accountable for their actions and demanding justice is done. We are not willing to sit idly by as our country is stolen from us and our people destroyed.

It was no surprise to me when The Washington Post tried desperately to use a couple of comments to keep people calm, or as some would say institute “damage control.” Why would they do that? You may ask. They would do this for several reasons. First they understand that Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is very popular with the people and that he also has credibility, thus no longer is it just the “little people” or “conspiracy nuts” talking about this, but senators as well. This will destroy the “globalists” agenda if people wake up and pay attention to the real threat we are facing. Lord knows, they don’t want you to wake up to the “tyranny” that is going on right under your noses.

The Washington Post reports::

Rand Paul: Obama is working with ‘anti-American globalists plot[ting] against our Constitution.

“The New York Times calls Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.) one of the Republican Party’s “rising stars.” The Daily Beast says he’s “a smoother, more pragmatic political operator” than his father, former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-Tex.). All that seems true. So riddle me this: What’s the upside for Paul to put his name on e-mails like this one, which landed in my inbox this morning?

It’s one thing for no-name pols to work on the fringes. But Paul, at this point, has a lot to lose. Yet here he is, suggesting the current president of the United States is working with “anti-American globalists plot[ting] against our Constitution.” And for what?

Here’s the whole e-mail. It’s on behalf of the National Association on Gun Rights, and it leads you to this Paul-centric splash page. “

“By the way: This treaty, at least as described here, is total fantasy. The hoax-busters at will catch you up, and just for good measure, PolitiFact gave similar claims the old pants-on-fire. This is black helicopter stuff from Paul.”

While The Washington Post does quote an email sent out by Senator Rand Paul to the American people, they are making light of the seriousness and danger the Small Arms Treaty places on the American public. Rand is informing everyone about the danger of the UN Small Arms Treaty and what it means. The Washington Post is making every effort to try and suppress the truth by putting a spin on his message as if “it’s no big deal.” Last time I checked losing our sovereignty is a huge deal! I know it and so do the many Americans they are trying to whitewash with their illusionary feel good untruthful quotes.

The Washington Post has twisted the facts in order to keep people from mobilizing against their agenda. If they can make the American public believe it’s just “crazy nonsense” or “conspiracy nuts” then no one will pay attention while their rights are stripped out from underneath them, placing the American people under international law. Funny, they don’t seem to understand that this affects them as well.

Never the less to stand in defense of truth and not propaganda, I offer the following information and proof to show just how arrogant and blatantly deceptive they are.

Instead of quoting or, I choose to quote the actual document which you can download here. I strongly suggest you download and read the entire document.

March 27, 2013 ATT/Disarmament Documents

“Underlining the need to prevent and eradicate the illicit trade in conventional arms and to prevent their diversion to the illicit market, or for unauthorized end use and end users, including in the commission of terrorist acts,

One can’t help but wonder, as The Washington Post tried to discredit Senator Rand Paul with “This is black helicopter stuff from Paul,” if they once again failed to research and are uninformed about the “black helicopter training drills held earlier this year” or are trying to once again misinform Americans.

On January 29, 2013 I reported about those “black helicopters.” You know the ones that according to The Washington Post, don’t exist? Enjoy the videos of the black helicopters that don’t exist. Watching them fire rounds over cities in Texas and Florida as “a training exercise.”

Once again I’m standing for truth and calling out those who choose to pervert the truth to deceive Americans. To Senator Rand Paul, National Association on Gun Rights, and Gun Owners of America we support your efforts in exposing the lies of the Small Arms Treaty and the dangers that come along with it. We thank you for telling the American public what the MSM “sell outs” refuse to. The real reporters have your back.

United We Stand!

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