Degenerate Pro-Abortion Supporters Have Jars Of Feces & Urine Plus Other Things Confiscated By Texas Dept. Of Public Safety


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There are some things that defy explanation because it is hard to believe that people, especially women, would be so crass, stupid, illogical and just down-right crazy. Certain types of men in the south would say, “That’s just women.” Unfortunately, those men would be right if one were to look at the pro-abortion protestors in Texas. Their behavior is not “feminist” nor is their behavior considered anywhere near civilized and certainly not indicative of what women are or how women should act.

In a report by the Daily Caller, the Texas Department of Public Safety confiscated 18 jars of feces, a jar of urine, bricks, bottles of paint, tampons and glitter from pro-abortion protesters planning to disrupt state senate proceedings. These protesters also garnered “a litany of bizarre and grotesque signs, occasionally having children hold them.” The pending senate bill would prohibit abortion after 20 weeks gestation.

The pictures of children holding the signs can be seen here.

Cosmopolitan Magazine couldn’t resist getting in on the act by suggesting women hurl menstrual blood at legislators.

Cited in the Daily Caller, Michelle Muniz wrote on, “Turns out, condoms are also not allowed in the gallery tonight. (Gotta love Texas: no birth control nor abortions!) But we believe if there’s a will to hurl things at a politician’s head, there’s a way. Let’s just say, if any of the protesters were stealth enough to wear a DivaCup today, sh*t is about to go down.”

Honestly, not being “hip and fresh”, I had to look up what that disgusting DivaCup was. Now I know why it was in Cosmopolitan.

The pro-abortion protest has reached hysteria and a fever pitch with the vote on the abortion bill drawing near. State Senator Donna Campbell has received vicious Facebook messages from pro-abortion protestors. Some of the messages included, “I hope you’re raped” as well as “I hope your daughter’s raped.” One twitter user threatened to shoot Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst then use “stand your ground” as a defense, tweeting “Cause that guy is threatening all women in Texas.” It has been reported on, that an Obama-linked abortion group has sought to hire abortion protesters offering to pay them $1300 – $2200/month.

TX Ad Hiring Proabortion Agitators in Austin

It does not surprise anyone that some pro-abortion Senators received flowers from their supporters.

It has to be said that women exhibiting this type of behavior are not women who make good role models for their children or others. This behavior has reached mob-type, deplorable, disgraceful, disrespectful, rights-oppressive actions typical of uncivilized behemoths who haven’t the couth to wash their hands before dinner. Not to mention, having young children hold signs and exposing them to this type of crazed rant demonstrated their lack of sound parenting skills which border on child abuse.

Women like those protesters are not “rights” activists or even remotely interested in anything to do with the issues. They are basically hired Obama thugs looking to create mischief in the land to provoke confrontation. They resort to threats of violence to make their point since that is what it appears they may have been hired to do; the twitter user threatening murder should be arrested and jailed.

Growing up in the south, one could say in times gone by women grew up sheltered, protected and nurtured through life while being taught strength, values, principles, etiquette and manners. This has been for the most part, in my experience, true, as it was how I was raised. Honestly, my mother would snatch me bald headed, take away my child and then dare me to confront her on it if I had even entertained the idea of doing anything like what has been exhibited by these protesters. Southern women, along with all women, may in past times been portrayed as delicate flowers; but time and time again, those women proved to be “Steel Magnolias,” seeing themselves not as inferior or superior but as partners working together for a common goal.

True women exhibit a quiet strength, firm convictions and speech – a soothing nature – that fosters trust with an ability to stand independently while providing all the comforts and love a child needs to grow and develop properly, while appropriately applying discipline for bad behavior. They instill good values, practice those values themselves, be good role models for their children, insist on etiquette, manners and sound education as opposed to indoctrination as all these things are indicative of a civilized society. They fight fiercely for their children and seek to protect them at all costs. And yes, some of those women worked outside the home. This is the legacy of the past generations of women.

A few current generations of women, looking to the “feminist movement,” have created what is being displayed in Texas by the protesters. It has been sad looking at the utter display of what women should not be played out in the media. We should pay attention, heed the warning and return to the traditions of what real women have been and discard those false teachings of what women should be.

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