Demand Body Cameras for Politicians


All over America, in every city and town (it seems), the public appears to be demanding that all law enforcement officers wear body cameras, because…you know…they’re all so evil and all.

Could it be, like every upheaval this country has been made to endure these days, it’s not really “the public” making these demands, but yet again, simply an extremely vocal minority of activist interest groups that push an agenda that all police are bad? That law enforcement wearing body cameras will cure all our ills, make the waters recede, and cause whites to be less racist.

Is that what is supposed to happen? Are all the cops that dirty and underhanded that we need to outfit everyone? To be sure, there are some bad cops, but the overwhelming majority are outstanding – working long hours, many times in very difficult conditions, and are expected to react perfectly to every situation, often with split second timing.

Last I checked, cops were human, too, but unlike the rest of us flawed beings, are expected to be infallible. 

So if all cops are bad enough to warrant the donning of body cameras, perhaps we should demand another group of well-known dirty and underhanded professionals wear them. And what better candidates than America’s political class?

Just imagine how much better America would be if politicians were forced to wear body cameras. Think of all the closed door, back room deals that would prevented from taking place if we the people were witness to these events.

Gone would be the persona that these gents and ladies present to the public. They make a speech for the masses how they are for the little guy, then make some deal to sell their souls for campaign cash when no one is watching or listening.

YouTube would be awash with politicians-gone-wild videos. There would be whole cable networks devoted to Bill Clinton’s escapades and Hillary’s lamp throwing, expletive laden tantrums.

Maybe we could have discovered who really put the beat down on Dingy Harry Reid, because you know it wasn’t an exercise machine. Might it have been his brother, Larry Reid, as recently claimed? Or maybe it was that boney chick, Tara Reid. With a body cam, we all could have witnessed Harry’s pummeling.

Remember this incident from 2013? The Right Scoop reported, “Apparently, quite a few GOP Senators railed against Mike Lee and Ted Cruz the other day behind closed doors in what Mike Lee calls an ‘all-out attack’ on the two of them. And nobody came to their aid among their colleagues. Now Lee won’t name names but you can just imagine who likely took part in attacking them, like McCain and Corker. But it was apparently so brutal that both Lee and Cruz said that they agreed afterward that while they wouldn’t care if the American people heard their words, they were sure these Senators who attacked them wouldn’t want their words to get out.”

Now wouldn’t that be something to capture on a body camera. I’d pay money to see it.

Think of how much better our nation would be if our political class was unable to concoct theses dirty deals in private. For starters, there would be no Obamacare. How many debt ceiling dirty deals could have been prevented? Then there’s the backroom CROmnibus bill.

Frankly the list is virtually endless. We all know that every crappy bill that is signed into law was crafted out of sight and sound of us taxpayers, yet there is never proof. With body cams, there would be evidence of who, what, where, how, and why. That, or the crappy deals would never advance at all. Either way, it’s a win.

Demand politician body cams. Who’s with me?!

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