Democrats Continue to Project their own Racist Attitudes onto Republicans


Democrats go to great efforts to convince the masses that they are the champions of the minority, while claiming that Republicans represent the reprehensible type of discrimination that plagues our nation’s otherwise proud history.  Any policy issue that faces opposition from Republicans is immediately discredited as bigotry, racism and hate. The more the failures of these policies become obvious, the more ridiculous the attempts to discredit Republicans become. This is especially true when it comes to black Republicans.

There are many black conservatives in America that share the values of individual liberty and personal responsibility that are espoused by many, and in an attempt to keep them on the plantation, the left has routinely referred to them as sellouts or “Uncle Toms.” There is nothing in my opinion that proves more that the left cares nothing for “diversity of opinion,” and is intent on forcing conformity no matter what the costs. You either go along with their agenda or are completely ostracized.

The latest example of these kinds of attacks happened when Illinois Governor Pat Quinn sent out tweets which compared blacks that support Republicans, to Jews that supported the Nazis. This has got to be one of the most asinine comparisons between two groups of people as Republicans, as opposed to the Democrats, have been the ones that have historically stood for civil rights for black Americans.  In fact, a more accurate comparison would be comparing blacks who refuse to question Obama to Jews who followed Hitler to their own death camps.

President Obama, to this day, has done nothing to help inner city blacks who have become perpetually trapped in a life of dependency. The black unemployment rate is the highest in the nation, racial identity politics enable young blacks to blame others for their troubles as opposed to empowering them to take personal responsibility, and the highest number of abortions performed in the nation is on  young black women. If these points aren’t bad enough, President Obama and the democrats are willing to throw blacks, as a voting bloc, under the bus in order to make room for the socialist machine’s new project, illegal immigrants.

No matter how hard democrats try to distort history, it will not change the fact that it was the Republican Party that stood with blacks in their struggle for civil rights. The Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, and the fight to keep slavery alive as an institution, all have the Democrats fingerprints on them. The very civil rights legislation passed by Democratic President Lyndon Johnson was originally crafted by Republican President Dwight Eisenhower and shot down by Johnson while serving as senate majority leader.

In fact, according to James Taranto, Johnson was installed as Democrat senate majority leader specifically to block civil rights legislation proposed by Republicans. Upon assuming the presidency, Johnson wrote similar legislation while claiming, and I quote, “I’ll have those niggers voting democratic for the next two hundred years.”

In other words, Johnson and the Democrat party, deliberately impoverished blacks by promising them welfare and other government subsidies. In the long run, this did nothing but create a dependent class that can be counted on to vote democrat over and over again. This is why comparing blacks, who blindly support Obama and the Democrats, is more conducive to comparing Jews who supported Hitler, they are trapped in an endless cycle of self-destruction, following those deliberately misleading them.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, many blacks are becoming aware of this history. There are many black conservatives that I admire that are making great progress in educating people. Reverend C.L. Bryant, Mychal Massie, Allen West, Eric Rush and the list goes on. This is the real reason the left makes such an effort to ridicule any black Republicans because if people ever found out the damage they caused by their lies, their reign of power would be over.

In an effort to hide the truth, the Democrats are projecting their own sins on to the Republican Party, who, unfortunately, have no idea how to counter it. The Republican Party is making a huge mistake by not capitalizing on the historical truth, and by doing so they are further alienating black Americans as they let the left fallaciously accuse them of being racist.

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