Detained Legal Immigrants Urge Congress not to Grant Amnesty to Illegals


With all the uproar everywhere among everyone about Obamacare, the Congress still has to decide on immigration reform. Reform, don’t you just love that word spouted by politicians? As I have indicated before, anytime a politician or government official uses the “r” word, you can almost bet it won’t turn out well for the country. Our Congress and President’s idea of immigration reform is to grant amnesty to all the illegal immigrants in this country without securing our borders but promising to secure our borders in the future. This from the administration who has ordered our border patrol to “stand down” while we are invaded from the south by any and every one without any type of documentation.

They seek to reward law breakers with citizenship in hopes of gaining overwhelming votes in upcoming elections allowing these “ruling elitists” to keep their positions of power in order to “enslave” the American public. Many Americans are speaking out about this covert action as being detrimental to our society. As it turns out, there are a number of “detained legal residents” adding their voice to the millions of Americans who oppose the “amnesty” bill.

The Seattle Times reports:

Among the letters that members of Congress have received urging they take one position or another on immigration, was one signed by 13 men at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma.

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The signers of the three-page missive, all legal permanent residents in the U.S., are making a plea, not about conditions at the 1,579-bed facility or about some violation of human or civil rights there.

Rather, they are asking lawmakers not to grant a legal path to citizenship for those in the country unlawfully.

That’s unlikely to happen anyway, at least this year, as Speaker John Boehner last week announced the House would not take up a comprehensive immigration bill the Senate passed earlier this year.

That bill included a process for granting legal status to many of the 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country.

Still, the request from those at the detention center is surprising, given that legal immigrants have long been among the most vocal advocates of granting legal status to unauthorized immigrants.

But these detainees, from countries such as Jordan, Scotland, Somalia and Mexico and in the country in some instances for as long as 40 years, are giving voice to another group of legal immigrants — those who say illegal immigration tarnishes them all, especially as debates around the issue have grown more heated.

This group of legal immigrant residents are being detained and face possible deportation to their country of birth after being convicted of crimes such as possession of controlled substances, aggravated felonies and/or moral turpitude. According to them, they should be allowed to answer for their crimes without being subjected to immigration proceedings as well.

In their letter, the detainees stated, “We take great offense that the country we grew up in is considering giving reform to people who have done everything illegally as compared to our legal efforts for naturalization. Permanent residents should not be classified with illegal immigrants due to (illegal immigrants’) crime.”

This group urged the government “to focus less on the needs of unauthorized immigrants whom they say illegally entered the country and obtained false document to work here, and more on the needs of citizens and legal residents like themselves, who they say grew up in and are products of this country.”

Current immigration law provides for the deportation of any legal resident who is convicted of certain crimes in the US. That is our law.

While I understand their sentiments about being deported, their decision to engage in breaking the law is their own and they now must face the possibility of losing their legal status. However, this group of individuals are correct about one thing – offering amnesty to people who have illegally entered this country is offensive to American citizens and those immigrants who entered our country legally and were or are in the process of being naturalized.

Reading between the lines, one can surmise this group is also questioning why amnesty is being given for those who broke the law entering the country but not for those who broke the law after becoming legal residents in the form of not being deported. It’s a valid question. These detainees are paying the price for their decision to break the law and are seeing others being rewarded for illegally entering the country, which is breaking the law. There are American citizens who are enablers of illegal immigrants as they employ illegals. Are not these citizens also in violation of the law?

This group will find out as the rest of America is learning that this administration and government not only considers the Constitution a Chinese Buffet, but other laws as well. They choose what they like and ignore what they don’t.

While the immigration issue will not be forthcoming until next year, that time is just around the corner. It can be expected that heated debates, name calling and ever more media propaganda will ensue. These diversionary tactics are meant to disguise the true intent of the bill – garnering more votes for Democrats, destroy all opposing parties, and institute the Democratic tyranny. Americans must stand strong demanding our border be secured period and current immigration law enforced. That is the only immigration “reform” American citizens should accept.

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