Does Rahm Emanuel Not Know That Louis Farrakhan Agrees With Chick-Fil-A?


As I pointed out yesterday, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to ban Chick-Fil-A in Chicago because of their biblical stance on marriage, while at the same time welcoming the racist Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan to the city to help with crime control. Remember how I pointed out the hypocrisy of Emanuel and Alderman Joe Moreno over their “disrespect” and “intolerant” statements about Chick-fil-A? Well, their hypocrisy is even more evident, because Louis Farrakhan, at least on the issue of homosexuality and homosexual “marriage: agrees with Chick-Fil-A.

The Austin Times reported back in May,

The fiery Nation of Islam leader began by utilizing stories from both the Koran and the Bible to illustrate God’s views on same-sex attraction. He also made it overtly clear that, though he disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle, he isn’t afraid of gays and lesbians. In addition to attempting to convince the audience that homosexuality is sinful in nature, Farrakhan seemed particularly irritated that critics would label him a homophobe.

“Now don’t you dare say, ‘Farrakhan was preachin’ hate. He’s homophobic.‘ I’m not afraid of my brothers and sisters or others who may be practicing what God condemned in the days of Lot,” he proclaimed. “That’s not our job to be hateful of our people. Our job is to call us to sanity. Our job is to call the people to righteous conduct.”

While he seemed bent on not preaching “hate,” Farrakhan made no bones about his opposition to homosexuality and he relied upon the aforementioned texts to reiterate his views. As is typically the case, he threw in some theologically and historically-inaccurate information, particularly when it comes to the location of the Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Whoa! While I disagree with the use of the Koran dealing with the issue, it seems pretty clear that from Emanuel and Moreno’s point of view that Farrakhan should not be allowed in their city either, don’t you think? It just goes to show the innate double standard within Liberalism. Don’t count on the Godfather to take Farrakhan to task over his beliefs though.

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louis farrakhan holds very same view on homosexuality and gay marriage that chick-fil-a does