Donald Sterling & The Rise of the “Sports Reich”


It seems racism is alive and well. Or is it? Of course I am, as is everyone, referring to the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, Donald Sterling and his abhorrent racist tirade that his plasticized mistress/girlfriend recorded and then released to the public.

I’ve even heard a conspiracy theory floating around that some other party was interested in purchasing the team and this was a setup, and that the league may actually be able to force Sterling to sell his team. That seems a little far-fetched, but not as far-fetched as the theory I’ve concocted – but you’ll have to read on for that one.

Welcome to the “Sports Reich,” where league officials, in concert with politicians and racial “bomb throwers” can force a private citizen to part with his property.

Now, if racism today is oh, so prevalent as we have been made to believe, why the outrage? If it were indeed commonplace – would this not be just another ho-hum whitey incident?

But his statements were/are not run-of-the-mill, are they? They are not “commonplace.” In fact, most of us (conservatives) have “evolved” to be relatively colorblind.

From what’s come out about Sterling, it seems that the sports community and certainly the basketball community have known this guy was, as he still is today, a dirtbag 30 years ago.

Yet the Los Angeles chapter of the NAALCP (National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) was set to give Sterling a lifetime achievement award. Don’t you think they knew who this guy was long ago?

Darn right they did, but until their hand was forced – money evidently trumps racism – as long as it’s just quiet racism.

Now let’s juxtapose the nationally, hysterical outrage of the Sterling incident to new information pertaining to Benghazi.

At the same time Sterling is garnering all this useless media attention, the truth about Benghazi is finally being brought to light and the evidence is proving that we were indeed right all along.

Of course, the Benghazi massacre was never about the video. It was always a cover-up, about politics and protected our saintly president prior to the election. This situation is beyond despicable and the Sterling incident should pale in comparison.

Yet I don’t hear the outrage from the media. After all, they were lied to about Benghazi also.

Yes, 4 brave Americans were slaughtered, three of which are heroes, but we must remember that an orchestrated terrorist attack doesn’t rise to the level of racist remarks by some old fart who owns a basketball team.

As we are fast discovering, there is no greater evil, no more heinous act that can be perpetrated by a human being than a white man speaking ill of a protected class; Whether it be Muslim, homosexual, or a “person of color.”

However, there is no outrage over Jew-hating John Kerry’s anti-Semitic remarks, or pick from any number of anti-Christian rants. Nor is there outrage over the “Muslim community” who hates everyone – Jews, Christians, homosexuals, etc.

Now, if I were a conspiracy nut, I would offer this up.

The NBA, the owners and players have all known, for a long time, this guy was a racist. They did nothing about it.

Then one day, the Obama folks come-a-callin. They meet with Sterling’s skanky mistress or girlfriend or whatever she is.

They offer her a big payday, covert of course, if she does them a favor. She agrees.

The Obama gang, knew that the true story of Benghazi is going to be released and could no longer be contained, asked her if she would set up Sterling by taping one of his racist tirades and release it to the press. Again, she agrees and does her duty.

Upon release, the Obama folks know that in the TMZ society we currently live in, that salacious story would suck up all the oxygen, leaving no time or interest in discussing what a despicable bunch of scoundrels we have running our country.

It couldn’t have been scripted any better if it were crafted by the writers of 24, which begins on Monday, and I can hardly contain my excitement over.

Yes, it’s a wacky conspiracy theory, but is it any more far-fetched than a dopey video causing a well-orchestrated terrorist raid?

Oh, and by the way – we’ve all heard that UCLA was so incensed by the rant, the school is refusing a $3 million endowment from Sterling.

Interestingly, it has no plans to refund millions given it by financiers of Islamic Jihad as Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

I guess their cash is okay.

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