Donald Trump & Mark Meckler Could Change Everything If They Would Advance the Ratification of the Original First Amendment Rather than a Con-Con


As Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are locked in mortal combat over the 50 million Americans that religiously show up at the polls for the donkey and its welfare handouts, the GOP slate is dominated by Donald Trump, the billionaire populist who scares the hell out of Washington DC.

Some days, the world just changes.

I suggest that We The People can change our own world this year – and we can do it before the November elections. We can give Donald Trump the most powerful support he can ever have, not only from the sovereign American People, but from a new, populist 6,300- member House of Representatives. To gain this historic support network, Mr. Trump will require the help of one Mark Meckler of California.

Before I explain the exciting campaign that will launch true popular sovereignty in America, let me introduce Mr. Meckler to those who do not know of him. Mark Meckler’s page on Wikipedia describes a 53-year-old native Californian; an entrepreneur with education and background in law, who co-founded Tea Party Patriots before leaving the TEA Party when it began to be co-opted by the GOP. That’s one point for Mark in my book.

Wikipedia reports that Mark had his Glock 27 destroyed by the Gestapo in New York, merely for checking the unloaded pistol in a locked, TSA-approved travel safe as flight luggage. When the Gestapo destroyed his firearm, Mark sought to file suit but was forced to plead guilty to disorderly conduct, to avoid prison. Two more points for Mark Meckler.

Like Donald Trump, Mark has no experience as a politician. Give him five more points.

I met Mark through an email exchange just four days ago and am learning that he is a committed Christian deeply dedicated to the popular sovereignty stipulated in our Constitution. Although I found a website dedicated to Mr. Meckler’s “dark side”, calling him vindictive and accusing him of consorting with Progressives — at least in our exchanges, Mark has come across as irenic, intelligent, and a patriotic brother in Christ. Add five more points for Mark Meckler, who now replaces Ted Cruz as my VP pick for Donald Trump.

Speaking of Ted Cruz, even if he is found to be a natural born citizen, I don’t like lawyers, on principle. Mark is not practicing law anymore; he and his wife sold Herbalife products and now have a business supplying snow skiing equipment.

Mark founded an organization called Citizens for Self-Governance that has three goals: a fund to support political candidates, a lawsuit against the IRS, and the ‘Convention of States’ project (COS) to convene an Article V constitutional convention. I do not support any of those goals; as I wrote in this article, an Article V convention would be a Pandora’s Box. So Mark loses three points, but is still my top choice for VP.

Mark’s COS group is comprised of tens of thousands of Americans great and small, who have recruited legislator champions in over 25 states to call an Article V convention. Those champions can easily be re-tasked to an historic Article V action this year.

Most Americans are unaware that the Article V amendment process has been stalled for 226 years with one item left to ratify: the original First Amendment, limiting U.S. House districts to 50,000 people.

This was the only subject that George Washington felt strongly enough about to publicly address at the Constitutional Convention. The framers made it the very first right in the original Bill of Rights (see the parchment here) yet, the original First Amendment still awaits ratification.

The Article V process began in September 1789, and eleven states have already ratified. Ratifying a constitutional amendment requires a vote by three-fourths of the states. That’s 38, and we have 11 in the bag so we need 27 more states to vote, and the Founding Fathers’ original first article in our Bill of Rights will become our 28th Amendment.

Imagine today’s huge, contentious, gerrymandered districts – gone forever. Imagine today’s expensive house races fixed by billionaires and corporations – a thing of the past!

Almost any honest, intelligent American will be able to run for Congress; normal, everyday American citizen-statesmen will represent no more than 50,000 people.

After they pass our Bring Congress Home Act, Congress will leave Washington DC forever, and become the world’s first distributed legislature. Congress working via telepresence was first proposed in 2013 as HR287, co-sponsored by Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and Steve Pearce (R-NM). Of course, D.C. organized crime scuttled the bill immediately. In my recent book FEAR The People (free PDF edition here), I explain how We The People will bring Congress out of its corrupt 19th century operations, into the 21st century – and the light of day.

If Donald Trump wins the presidency, he will have a choice: either be stymied by Washington DC organized crime at every turn, or have the support of 6,000+ citizen-statesmen working full-time from their home districts.

Here is my proposal: Mark Meckler, introduce your COS supporters to the America’s House™ campaign, to finish ratifying the original First Amendment. We will put a team of at least a few hundred Americans on the front steps of those state capitols, and you know how to get local press coverage and bloggers, Mark. You say you already have 25+ state legislatures on your side; we’re almost there! We The People turn history’s tide this year.

Donald Trump, endorse this action. Lend your influential name to it, and the American People will give you as president the first truly representative U.S. House in 150 years!

This can be the most profound corrective action in self-government since 1776. Mr. Meckler’s group is on the wrong track with their Article V convention idea; but by the grace of God, his formidable phalanx of citizens can turn the tide.

I’ve had a hard time accepting the idea of ‘The Donald’ as president, but I had to admit he’s a persuasive, very determined man; a populist who can change the world. This 28th Amendment project will be impossible for a President Trump; restoring the founders’ design for the House of Representatives would breach the separation of powers. But until November, here is a window of opportunity for Donald Trump.

America’s House™ is an Article V amendment awaiting action by the state legislatures. Congress already passed it and sent it to the states, so they cannot stop it now; this is up to the state legislatures.

Here is a fact sheet explaining the original First Amendment, and here is the proposed Joint Resolution to hold the vote. Any state legislator has only to fill in the blanks. This is only a ratification vote, not legislation; so it doesn’t require foot-dragging, reconciliation bills, or governors’ signatures.

The 28th Amendment can sweep this country like a wildfire from Connecticut to Oregon; We The People turning the war – Washington D.C. vs. America – back in our favor at last. Donald Trump has an opportunity to make history, even before he takes office. No one else can credibly do it; like him or hate him, God has put Donald Trump in just this place, for just this time in history.

This is a complete surprise to Mark Meckler; he has no idea I am doing this to him. But he seems to me to be an ideal VP candidate to geographically and demographically balance the brassy New York deal-maker. Mr. Trump, you could do worse than the populist Christian from California.

Right now, not next January, let’s turn this war

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