Egyptian Cleric: Soon We Will See The Flag Of Allah Over The WH


There is no doubt in my mind that the Muslim Brotherhood that has infiltrated our Federal government endorses not only Islam, but the attacks perpetrated on America. Back in March, Al-Kahera Wal-Nas TV interviewed Egyptian cleric Abu Islam. Islam pleaded for giving Islam a chance to rule over America.

Here’s the interview, with translation from Memri TV:

Abu Islam: We have four large Islamic groups: The Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, and Al-Gama’a Islamiyya. These are the four significant powers.

Is there anyone more qualified to lead the country than the Muslim Brotherhood? Then let the Muslim Brotherhood assume this responsibility.

Who should be in charge of religious affairs in Egypt? The Salafis. Is any group more qualified than the Salafis to regulate ideology? I choose the Salafis to run Al-Azhar and the Ministry of Religious Endowments.

We are left with the army and the police. Which is the best to run the police? The Muslim Brotherhood? No. The Salafis? No. Al-Gama’a Islamiyya is the best for the job. This leaves the army for the Egyptian Islamic Jihad.

This is how disagreements can turn into pluralism, and I pray to Allah that this will be accepted by all, and the various powers of the Islamic nation will come together…

Interviewer: What about all the other people?

Abu Islam: What people?

Interviewer: All those people who do not belong to these four groups.

Abu Islam: Tell me exactly who you mean. The Communists?

Interviewer: For example…

Abu Islam: They have ruled for a long time. They have had enough. The liberals? They have ruled for a long time and have had enough too. Let’s give Islam a chance for once…

Trust me, very soon we will see the flag of “There is no god but Allah” flying over the White House. They are already holding [Muslim] prayers in the White House.

I don’t know where Mr. Islam has been, but it appears that Muslims have been running the show in the White House for over four years now. There is no doubt that Barack Obama, John Brennan and the other members of the Muslim Brotherhood who influence U.S. policy in the White House would be more than happy to implement Sharia law in this country and it’s high time the American people stand up and demand that the infestation of Islam be rooted out of America and the people’s house now.

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