Ending Obama “Cult” Pains Michelle


Anyone who puts faith in a politician to make his or her life better is worshipping a false god. … Politicians promote faith in themselves [read: Barack and Michelle Obama] because it helps their careers and feeds their egos.” – Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist in The Washington Times

The only wonderful thing about a false god is its inevitable demise. To progressive ideologues like coddled Michelle, the repudiations of her husband—political shellackings of 2010, 2014, and today—are deeply painful. After all, the Obamas are profoundly narcissistic and ego-driven. In 2014, that’s why Mr. Obama said:

I’m not on the ballot this fall. Michelle’s pretty happy about that. But make no mistake: These [read: my] policies are on the ballot, every single one of them.

For Michelle’s part, five-star White House perks and Air Force One jet-setting aren’t enough. She wanted to be paid to be first lady. Indeed, the Obama presidency is defined by self-aggrandizement. What else explains Mr. Obama’s habit of governing while golfing or his perpetual Hawaiian vacations? (Aptly, Michelle flew to Hawaii after her parting Oprah interview.) How can the Obamas take for granted the extraordinary faith gifted anyone residing in the White House? No one is entitled to sour grapes for being entrusted with such a lofty position. To helm the greatest nation on earth is a privilege—never an entitlement. It’s a disgrace to behave otherwise.

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Unlike the clueless and classless Obamas, President-elect Donald Trump “gets it.” That’s the real reason behind his ‘Thank You’ tour. By contrast, neither carping Obama can muster even a few words of gratitude. A modern-day Marie Antoinette, entitled Michelle has happily existed in the echo chamber that is the White House bubble (same as her husband). What other couple has lived so publicly as careless millionaires, impervious to the suffering of their fellow citizens?

The Obama presidency is an anti-American exercise in fascism, the superficiality of identity politics, and the cult of personality. The Obamas never even acknowledged harsh domestic or international realities. What of eight years of killing zones in inner cities like Chicago? What of Barack Obama’s virtual doubling of America’s national debt? What of the escalating worldwide scourge that is his unnamed radical Islamic terrorism? To them, none of these actual problems matter. They hold the ego-centered belief—a collective political delusion—that they are the “real victims.” See, this same fiction paralleled by Michelle’s griping and Hillary’s election meltdown. As Hillary Clinton promised an “Obama third term,” her failure is a resounding rejection of the Obama legacy. Country be damned: everything is about their marginalized little elitist clique.

Ah, the unceasing agony—to be at the mercy of a Republican Congress and The Donald’s pen stroke! In this, America has been blessed with renewed hope and a new beginning. Michelle Obama’s self-absorbed pessimism—a serious character flaw—provides the correct context for her out of touch reaction:

We are feeling what not having hope feels like.

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