English Defence League Protests Islam In Newcastle UK


In the wake of the brutal attack on and murder of UK soldier Lee Rigby by an Islamist (not extremist, but a true Islamist), the English Defence League (EDL) has gathered over ten thousand new members in the past 48 hours and have taken to the streets and pubs of Newcastle to voice their opposition to the death cult of Islam. They have also organized to protest today following the murder and the comments by a UK Muslim cleric that called the murder “a heroic and courageous act.”

According to the EDL website,

Saturday May 25th

MUSTER POINT: We have secured 2 pubs for us to meet prior to the demo. [1] Raffertys – 29-33 Pink lane – NE1 5DW [2] Gotham Town – Neville St – NE1 5DF Both pubs are opposite Newcastle central station and very close to each other

TRAVEL: COACH/MINIBUS/CAR – Meet at ‘Birtley services’ on the ‘A1′ where you will be given a police escort direct to the muster point parking.

(NOTE:) Police escort will be leaving services at 10.30 and 11.30 so anyone arriving after 11.30 will have to make their own way to Newcastle central station where police will direct you to the parking area.) CAR (Local) – Park as close to Newcastle central station as possible. TRAIN/METRO – Newcastle central station

DEMONSTRATION: We will start our march at 1.30 which will take us through the city centre: Neville Street, Grainger Street, Grey Street, Mosley Street, Groat Market onto the Bigg Market. Stewards will be in attendance both prior and throughout the demo.

Anti-EDL protestors attempted to intercept the march:

Anti-EDL protesters attempt to intercept march from ITV News on Vimeo.

EDL protested in Woolwich following the violent murder of Rigby in broad daylight by an Islamist.

Tommy Robinson of the EDL spoke to Coelus Media about the Islamic attack in Woolwich. He demonstrates the blatant complicity of the UK’s government in coddling Islamists. “When we protest mosques, we have to do so from miles away. When they protest our soldiers, they protest from two feet away….spitting at them,” he said.

Robinson doesn’t mince words either. He points out that blatant hypocrisy of the media and government’s complicity is covering for Islam, even when they are commonly caught raping women and trafficking them in the UK. “If one Muslim girl was passed around by a group of Christian men, the whole country would be on fire. That would be their (Islamists) response and the media’s response would be they are justified in their anger because of what’s happened. We’re justified in our anger!”

“We’re justified to be so blood, f***ing angry to what’s happened to one of our troops… we’re so justified to be angry at the grooming of our girls by Muslim pedophile gangs,” he added. “And the response by the media and by the police and the politicians is to bend over backwards to avoid the word ‘Islam’ or ‘Muslims.’ ‘It’s a political attack.’ No it’s not, it’s an Islam, Muslim, terrorist attack.”

Robinson goes on to say that Britain’s government is propping up Saudi Arabia, which is funding the madrassas in the UK (and in America), along with the mosques that promote the teachings of Islam.

He then points out the blatant hypocrisy of Islamists demanding that English forces get out of Iraq and Afghanistan while at the same time calling for them to go into Syria.

If you are still one of those people wanting to cover for Islam and claiming that it has been hijacked or if you still believe that we are not at war with Islam, then I suggest you listen to the entirety of what Robinson says. Islam has not quite taken over the UK, but it is growing and it is being supported by the media and the government and there is a failure to bring true justice to these people who hold to the Muhammadan ideology; that of terrorism, conversion or die, pedophilia and sharia. The same is taking place in the United States. Bush wouldn’t name the enemy. Obama won’t name his Muslim brothers as the enemy. The media won’t name Islam as the enemy. Various groups which talk about patriotism, won’t name Islam as the enemy. Many politicians won’t name Islam as the enemy. You cannot win a war in which you fail to identify the enemy. The enemy is not Al-Qaeda. They are a part of the enemy. The enemy is Islam.

Robinson calls out the sects of Muslims that claim to be peaceful, asking them when they are going to come out against the terrorist activities of Islamists. I can tell Robinson that they can’t. They can’t do that and really mean it, not if they believe the teachings of the Qur’an, because that is what the Qur’an calls for.

He then points out the ridiculousness of deceiving yourself into thinking there are moderate Islamists by comparing them to “moderate” Nazis and those working with them. Robinson says that you cannot work with such people. I agree because you cannot trust them.

He has also received death threats, threats to decapitate his wife and children and finds himself in daily confrontations on the street. Six Islamic extremists plotted a bloody bomb attack on an EDL rally but only failed because the gathering finished early – even though they were under surveillance. The group admitted planning a murderous attack at the English Defence League (EDL) event before a judge back in April. Ask yourself, if this was you, how long could you restrain yourself from retaliation?

Robinson believes that Islamic immigration should be stopped into the UK. We agree with him. We also agree it should be stopped in America and that mosques should be closed and Islamic ideology should be not only openly criticized but it should be stopped from being taught. This is how they grow. It is why we will never win the war on terror, because we won’t identify the enemy and we won’t root out Islamic education. In fact, we encourage it at home and abroad. Until someone in the UK and America is willing to not be bothered by the name calling of bigot, racist and Islamaphobe and speak out against this anti-Christ religion and political totalitarianism, it will continue to grow in the UK and the United States and our children and their children will be the way to pay for the cowardice of today’s generation.

I fully support the EDL in their stand and in any retaliation they bring upon the heads of those in Islam that seek to do them harm, including the demonic cleric that called the murder of Lee Rigby a “heroic act” and any of their mosques. The EDL’s anger is righteous and it is justified.

UPDATE: Over 7,000 protesters showed up in Newcastle. See the video below. The crowd is chanting “E E EDL, Whose Streets? Our Streets!”

UPDATE: Tony Robinson will be joining us on Freedom Fighter Radio on Tuesday afternoon.

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