EPA: The Science of Scam?


This article utilizes or plays off of Ileana Johnson’s article entitled, “Taxing Carbon in the Name of Climate Change” which is also featured on this web site.

So we have a Treasury Secretary functioning as an expert scientist. How telling! If American’s really invested more time searching and reading the truth behind American history, which is tied to their identity, they would not only own the fact that Progressive Liberals, like the Democrat Party, have lied and intentionally misled them for centuries, but will understand how they are being duped by them continually.

Historically, since the Civil War Reconstruction era, Progressive Liberals have used “fake” science, including “evolution” to fashion the academic basis to support their political “collectivism” agendas. A great historical example was their eugenics program which fed decisions like forced sterilization and segregation on blacks, birthed what is now the abortion industry, and was instrumental to Hitler’s extermination policies and their acceptance just to list a few. How they are able to promote and gain public acceptance is to have “the science” authored by institutions, primarily academia, that are publicly and globally received as being “prestigious.” Being “prestigious” or “Ivy League” in title is instantly sold and bought as “being credible” even before it is reviewed. If the “fake science” is rejected by legitimate scientific endeavor, then Progressive Liberals form their “own” levels of authority to market their “fake science” as gospel.

To gain credibility, they load it up with prominent names as a basis to imply its credibility and “sell it” to the trusting public and Congress which they have always viewed as “useful idiots.” Then to give it legal authority, they propose an institution that mimics itself as legally abiding by the Constitution to Congress, which then delegates that legal authority to it. However, the institution’s basis, which is built on fake science, and the manner it regulates renders it unconstitutional if legally examined. That is why the data to substantiate and independently reevaluate the EPA’s claims “cannot be found” and their unlawful resistance to provide that along with its “economic impact to industries” to Congress is of paramount Constitutional importance.

So here we are today faced with another farce to pitch a “collectivist” idea whose agenda is ultimately the same as Hitler’s or any other sociopath. It would behoove the public to investigate some of the terms listed in this article and some of the resources to see for yourselves. But let’s look at the apparent logic behind global warming and this nefarious carbon footprint. Note how all these dire consequences are tied to your “personal health and wellbeing.” But are they really? If air pollution is so detrimental that the USA has to control its air environment, then it must imply that there is either a box around the USA where no other country’s air gets in or that no other country’s air pollution impacts our air. Now I know that Progressive Liberals want to “box us” into their “collectivist” worldviews, but there is no box protecting the USA from any other country’s air pollution.

Since that is true, then how does the government determine how much of the pollution measured at a polluting source contributes to the total air pollution effect it measures at another source, like a body of water, a human, etc.? We all know that the USA receives air pollution from other countries. We saw this when the Chernobyl nuclear plant exploded and we are seeing it now and have been since 3/11 with the Japanese Fukushima nuclear accident. That accident is still ongoing and is now considered “the worst global industrial accident” where there are at least 3 cores of nuclear fuel melting and emitting radiological contamination 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

How ironic is it that the EPA which is concerned about air pollution due to “carbon” emissions as being detrimental to health, but “willfully and blindly” ignores the radiological contamination we have and continue to receive from Japan? Even more egregious than this willful intentionality is the malicious intentionality to ignore the “obvious solid medical science” behind the detrimental effects of nuclear radiation to the human body and the environment. The obvious is clear. The EPA has an agenda, but it is not about protecting the environment for the benefit of “your health and wellbeing.” It appears to be more about protecting the environment for the health and wellbeing of those “elitist,” the Progressive Liberals whose agenda is collectivism where “they, the elitist” dictate to you “what is in the groups” best interest. In other words, the EPA is a front to not only diminish your personal liberty or freedom, but to reduce the public’s and the country’s economic viability so that a select group of elitist reign. This will assure them that “their piece of the pie” is not infringed upon by those who they deem “unworthy to live” as the population grows because when economic viability drops, so does the standard of living and health of a nation and its people group. This is one of the reasons they went after coal. Who works in coal? The types of people Progressive Liberals have historically always desired to reduce and eliminate.

Here are some links to web sites where you can invest in information that not only substantiates this article’s propositions, but shines light into the darkness of evil that Progressive Liberalism is and has historically been.

Where books or videos are listed read and/or watch their information:

http://bit.ly/1ju07Gm; http://bit.ly/UJ29Bx; http://bit.ly/1zJl2Ux; http://bit.ly/1jcuw3G; http://bit.ly/1rIRymE; http://bit.ly/1gwC7tj; http://bit.ly/1hgMz81; http://bit.ly/1dzOmpT; http://bit.ly/1jsu155; http://bit.ly/1syeiGe; http://uscham.com/WTcIDT; http://bit.ly/UI8ixM; http://bit.ly/1ju07Gmhttp://fxn.ws/1m9KKJu%20

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