Eugenics and Obamacare – And So It Begins


When people think of eugenics the natural tendency is to conjure up images of Hitler and the Nazis trying to create the master race. Yet, many are unaware that the eugenics movement began in America and in the early 20th century; California and New York were at the forefront.

Funded by the Carnegie Institution and Rockefeller Foundation, researchers at major universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Princeton explored various methods of forced segregation, sterilization, and extermination of entire bloodlines.

In 1909, California passed laws allowing eugenicists to forcibly sterilize 60,000 citizens, excluding thousands from marrying and segregating thousands more. They masked their dirty deeds with flowery titles such as the Human Betterment Foundation – because who could be against the betterment of humanity? This is not unlike the Planned Parenthood abortion factories being named women’s health centers – because who could be against women’s health?

The Rockefeller Foundation helped fund the eugenics movement in Germany and was the benefactor of a program for an infamous practitioner of the pseudoscience, Josef Mengele.

Pres. Woodrow Wilson, segregationist, racist, and eugenics advocate, spent years at Princeton University and was president of the University from 1902 – 1910. So what has present-day Princeton University have to do with the archaic and barbaric practice of eugenics?

Well, it turns out that the eugenics movement has reemerged at Princeton University, assuming it went away at all, in the form of at least one professor. Princeton professor of bioethics Peter Singer has been advocating for eugenics for decades.

Campus Reform reported that, back in 1979, Singer claimed, “Killing a disabled infant is not morally equivalent to killing a person. Very often it is not wrong at all.” He also said the doctors who kill disabled infants are doing the parents of a favor because the child “will be a terrible burden for the parents to look after.”

In 1995, Singer penned an article in the London Spectator entitled “Killing Babies Isn’t Always Wrong.” Great guy, and one who appears eminently qualified to speak about the joys of Obamacare, which he has.

Singer, who served as an Obama task force coordinator, was asked if Obamacare would lead to healthcare rationing. His answer was – “it already has.” He said this during an April 2015 interview with Philadelphia radio host Aaron Klein.

And this is how the decline into eugenics always begins, but not in the way most think. Many believe that the healthcare rationing inherent in Obamacare will be due to finances alone, but Singer explains that rationing “does happen. Not necessarily because of costs.”

For eugenicists like Singer and Obamacare “rationing” Czar Ezekiel Emanuel, it has much more to do with the worthiness of people then overall cost.

It starts as it did with the Nazis – for the betterment of the collective. Those thought not to be able to contribute to the collective must be eliminated. It begins with killing of disabled infants, then severely disabled adults, offering voluntary euthanasia, as is happening in Europe presently. That will then morph into the involuntary – then move onto the next unworthy group, and so on.

This may seem like hyperbole, but it isn’t. This is history, and it appears that, if left to people like Singer and Emanuel and many others like them lurking in the shadows of the Obamacare hierarchy and in academia, it is bound to repeat.

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