Evidence that All Ohio Abortion Facilities are not in Legal Compliance


While we are told that a woman has the right to choose, that thought is never carried out as to what she is choosing to do. Obviously, the choice a woman who is pregnant is faced with is the choice of murdering her unborn baby or allowing it to live. Here at Freedom Outpost, we encourage those women to choose to let their children live, and to love and care for them. However, politically the issue becomes a hot potato in which no one wants to handle it properly, and thus the cries comes from the pro-death crowd that any attempt to stop abortions is a war on women and that it endangers the health of the woman. Well try this on for size: Operation Rescue has exposed the fact that there is not a single abortion facility in the state of Ohio that is in legal compliance to perform abortions. How is that not endangering the health and lives of women?

In a recent article, the pro-life organization demonstrated that all eleven abortion facilities in the state are not in compliance with the law and therefore are operating illegally in the state of Ohio.

The Sons of Liberty Media reports:

Columbus, OH — What would you think if you were told that no abortion facility in your home state held a current facility license as required by law, yet all of them continued to do abortions that were technically illegal – with full knowledge of state authorities?

That is not simply a hypothetical situation in Ohio. It is the scandalous reality.

Operation Rescue confirmed this week that out of eleven abortion facilities in that state, none hold current, active Ambulatory Surgical Facility licenses. While applications for licensure or license renewal have been made by all but one abortion facility, the Ohio Department of Health has not approved or denied their licensing applications. Some have been pending for over a year — one facility has been waiting since 2012 for licensing renewal — even though the law requires that ASF licenses be renewed annually.

Making this even more troubling is the fact that there has been no delay in the renewal of licenses for non-abortion facilities, leading to concerns that abortion facilities are being given too much leniency when they cannot comply with licensing laws.

Meanwhile, most of the abortion facilities continue to offer surgical abortions despite not meeting the requirements for legal operation in Ohio.

Screenshots showing the facilities’ lack of compliance are offered as evidence below.

Also, three Planned Parenthood abortion facilities, which receive tax payer dollars failed to comply as well.

Finally, Complete Healthcare for Women in Columbus will no longer be performing surgical abortions legally after Friday, August 29, following a court order.

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said, “Why are abortion facilities in Ohio allowed to operate with no valid facility license? If these abortion centers cannot meet the qualifications provided by law for licensing, then they should be immediately shut down. There’s really no excuse for allowing substandard abortion businesses to continue operating outside the law.”

I agree and I might add that they were already acting outside of the law of God by their complicity in the murder of the unborn. However, now Newman’s organization is exposing the lawless practices of these murder mills and in many cases judges are ordering them to stop their practice.

One by one Newman and his associates are fighting on behalf of the unborn and they are winning the day, something you won’t hear a lot about in the media.

Newman spoke to Freedom Outpost and told us that he has written a book to help citizens do the very same thing that he and his organization do. The manual for the front lines in the war on the murder of the innocent is titled Abortion Free. Newman co-authored the book with Cheryl Sullenger, who both share more than fifty years of shuttering dirty, life-threatening clinics.

According to the book, readers will learn to:

  1. find out who the abortion doctors are in your community
  2. know if abortionists in your community have a record or are even licensed in your state
  3. get clinic workers to help you acquire evidence
  4. alert the press of criminal activities
  5. expose dirty and sundry clinic conditions
  6. inform the public and the leaders of what is taking place
  7. help the women in need

Friends, there is victory when you are willing to fight for it, and Troy Newman and Operation Rescue are showing how to defeat the enemy.

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