Fact NOT Opinion: Gun Control Doesn’t Work


First I would like to say that I am not a member of the N.R.A., nor am I politically affiliated with any left or right wing side. I am simply a very concerned American. I am outraged by the ignorance that is being fed to the people of the United States about gun control! What’s worse is the media and the government is expecting us to buy this load of crap they are selling us on a silver platter. The government and the media expect the public to be too ignorant to have the common sense to know, the more gun control laws for the law abiding citizens will create the law abiding public to be lambs to the slaughter. What criminal will be worried about the gun control laws? Not one of them. That is why they are a criminal, they do not care about the law, nor do they care to break them.

Our founding fathers were wise enough to realize that without a way for us to protect ourselves from enemies that are both foreign and domestic, that we ourselves would perish as a Nation. That is why they put the 2nd Amendment in our great Constitution of the United States. Nowhere in our constitution did it state that it was open to interpretation from a foreign leader (U.N.). Nor did it give our government the right to add to it, making it almost impossible for us (the American people) to have the right to bear arms. We not only have the right to own them, we have the right to bear them!

Now for some facts:

On March 25, 1982 Kennesaw, Georgia signed into ordinance that all head of households were required to own and keep at least one firearm in the home. (With some exceptions). The city’s population grew from 5,000 in 1980 to 29,783 people as of 2009 (that is the latest statistics I can find). The crime rate since the inception of this ordinance has become almost nonexistent.

Kennesaw went against the grain when they made it mandatory for every head of household to own and have a gun in their place of residence. They have proven putting guns in the hands of law abiding citizens is a deterrent for any criminal. If a criminal knows a person has a weapon, they are going to move on to an easier target.

Another point to prove this is, all of the mass shootings that have happened in the United States since 1950 have all (save one) been in very strict gun control states. Why isn’t the American public being informed about this? Because it doesn’t fit in with the agenda of those that would take our guns and leave us defenseless to protect ourselves, our family, and our home against criminals and big government.

Many people are being told about the mass shooting called the “Batman Killings”. But how many people are diving into the facts, asking the right questions, and really looking at the bigger picture? First and foremost LAW ABIDING CITIZENS EVEN WITH PERMITS were not permitted to carry their weapons in this theater. I am sure the shooter knew this, and knew that he didn’t have to worry about meeting any resistance or being shot at. Why would he know that? Because common sense is that law abiding citizens follow the law! It was well known that No guns were allowed in that theater.

Had there been someone there that was carrying their weapon that night, I truly believe this story would have played out much differently. The media is not playing that up for us to hear, why? Because the truth is that those victims were lambs to the slaughter. Neither the media nor anti-gun lobbyists want to admit that had a law abiding citizen been in there with a gun on that terrible night things would have turned out much differently. Anti-gun activists and the media do not want to admit it should be against the law to forbid a law abiding citizen from carrying their weapon with them. Because the law abiding citizens obeyed the law, and once again the criminal did NOT, 12 people are dead and 58 more were injured.

To make this story even more interesting. I wanted to know some answers to some very important questions. The anti-gun activists, police, and media all state that James Holmes purchased 6000 rounds of ammunition online. The question is: How does a 24 year old drop out from college (with no job to my knowledge) afford not only 6000 rounds of ammunition but also tactical gear, smoke bombs, tear gas, explosives, etc… According to police reports he had two .40 cal pistol, a shot gun, and an AR15. Checking on the internet I found that AR15 rounds/ 1000 count is 229.99 then multiply that by 6 = 1379.94 which is not including shipping and handling. The .40 cal bullets cost (at the lowest price I could find) 15.50 per box a count of 50 per box, and the 12 gauge shot gun shells run 5.50 per box for OO buck shot with only 5 per box. Not to mention bullet proof vest 350.00 and up, gas mask 19.95 up to 300.00 depending on the type of mask Mr. Holmes had, and let’s not forget the price of the weapons themselves. Is anyone else seeing this money just add up? Is anyone else here wondering where all this money came from? Whose credit card was used or bank account was used to pay online? With the economy the way it is, people do not just have 5000.00 or more hanging around in their bank account. Especially a 24 year old drop out, with no job, living in a small apartment.

Now the plot thickens even more. James Holmes is supposedly so crazy and deranged that he shoots all those people, rigged his apartment to blow up the police and everyone involved. Yet James Holmes supposedly waited in his car not shaken and calm. Then warned police about the bombs, explosives, and booby traps that were in his apartment? Saving their lives and the lives of others? Does that make any kind of sense to you? If he was so intent on killing these people, why did he warn them?

Even better yet, not one witness can identify him as the shooter, because the shooter was in full body armor, gas mask, etc… Two of the witness’s stated that there was a man in the front row of the theater that answered his cell phone, got up and went to the exit door and opened it. He waived at someone, held the door open with his foot, then approximately 10-15 minutes later is when the gunman came in. Why aren’t we hearing about this in the media? Why aren’t we hearing about the second gas mask that was found? Because they want us, the American public, to believe it was James Holmes that did this and that he acted alone.

The more you dig, the more it seems as if James Holmes is a patsy for a much larger agenda. I am not saying that he is not one of the shooters. However in none of the reports by the police, or media, did it describe Mr. Holmes as being covered in blood, or even having blood on his clothes. Yet they have stated that James Holmes is the shooter. That he walked up to people just shooting them. There would have been blood splatter on his clothes from the victims and lots of it. I am saying that looking at all the facts there is no way that he did this alone, maybe he didn’t even do it at all). Too much doesn’t add up.

What is even more disturbing is this happened only 7 days before the UN wanted to make an agreement with the United States about our gun control laws under the facade of the UN Gun Control Treaty, the same way they did with Japan, Britain, Canada, and Australia. Since the UN gun treaty went into effect in these countries, all the guns were taken out of the hands of law abiding civilians. The crime rate country wide has gone into an uproar, and has spiraled out of control. That is because the criminals now know they can kill, rob, beat, and break into your homes and you have no weapon for self defense.

In April 2012 there was another shooting in Aurora, Colorado. However the media isn’t telling us about this one. I will tell you why. An off duty police officer had his weapon on him while he was attending church. He heard the gun fire, came out and stopped a massacre from happening by using his weapon to defend himself and others. What if he hadn’t been carrying his weapon, what if he wasn’t allowed to carry his weapon on church grounds? This could have been a very different story, much like the one at the theater that night. This is another case that has saved many due to a law abiding citizen being armed.

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