FBI inexcusably attacks free speech by claiming conspiracy theorists are 'domestic terror' threat


We often give the FBI a fairly wide berth here in America.  We know that much of what they must do in order to keep our nation safe is better left unknown, if for no other reason than to preserve the collective conscience of We The People.

But every now and again something slips out from deep inside The Bureau that leaves us all shaking our heads in bewilderment.

The FBI for the first time has identified fringe conspiracy theories as a domestic terrorist threat, according to a previously unpublicized document obtained by Yahoo News. (Read the document below.)

The FBI intelligence bulletin from the bureau’s Phoenix field office, dated May 30, 2019, describes “conspiracy theory-driven domestic extremists,” as a growing threat, and notes that it is the first such report to do so. It lists a number of arrests, including some that haven’t been publicized, related to violent incidents motivated by fringe beliefs.

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The bulletin specifically mentions “QAnon” conspiracy theorists – a group of right-leaning amateur investigators hoping to get to the bottom of a series of cryptic, yet prophetic, anonymous questions that have been appearing online over the course of the last several months.

Frighteningly, the FBI then intimated that their concerns were caused, at least in part, by the possibility that conspiracy theorists might actually be onto something.

The FBI said another factor driving the intensity of this threat is “the uncovering of real conspiracies or cover-ups involving illegal, harmful, or unconstitutional activities by government officials or leading political figures.” The FBI does not specify which political leaders or which cover-ups it was referring to.

In summary, the FBI is worried that online conspiracy theorists may discover real, literal conspiracies.  Let that sink in for a moment.  They’re essentially telling us that, should we attempt to uncover something they don’t want us uncover, we would be subject to retribution.

For context of a less vitriolic nature, we’ll use the JFK assassination as our example.  What the FBI is now intimating is that those who didn’t buy stock in The Warren Report’s assessment of that event could be considered “domestic terror threats”.  That means that many of our parents, our grandparents, our children, our neighbors, and director Oliver Stone are all now possible terrorists in the eyes of the FBI, and as such, could be subject to increased covert surveillance by the agency.

This bulletin also serves as a threat to those who would delve deep into possible conspiracies of any kind, opening the door for the FBI to bludgeon anyone who thinks outside of their predetermined narrative with legal or sub-legal action.

George Orwell is kicking at the lid of his coffin, folks.

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