Forgetting Clintons' Scandals with Trump's Words


And all the kids [Democrats; biased MSM] cheered! But I didn’t cheer. I stood right up and started shouting. This isn’t what happened last week! Have you all got amnesia? They just cheated us! This isn’t fair!” – Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes in “Misery” (1990)

Who among us would not agree that the contentious exchanges between insider Hillary Clinton and outsider Donald Trump have not been a “misery” (for the rest of us)? In different ways, the two candidates are a warped fun house mirror into the American political character—or lack thereof. Unfairly demonized in the press, Donald Trump’s boorish playboy ways can easily be excused as red blooded carnal excess. Certainly, the bullish erector of phallic skyscrapers is no boy scout. So what? In presidential politics—as in real estate—neither arena is for the faint of heart.

Unless you’re as newly delicate as Michelle Obama now claims to be. Suddenly she’s a retiring flower, recoiling from the horror (the horror!) of Donald Trump’s taped jocular language! One imagines many put-upon butlers rolling their eyes from coddling madame in her rarefied White House bubble. Which of her serfs fetched the industrial-sized smelling salts from 5-star chefs in the White House’s kitchens to revive her?

Ah, designer duds Michelle. Apparently, her sensibilities are so much finer than ours; her troubles so much more severe! How she must have steeled her nerves to absorb Mr. Trump’s locker room banter. Of course, it’s just decade old words from a private conversation. But Michelle wants the Thought Police dispatched forthwith! How dare The Donald make such coarse noises! Michelle’s rocked: ‘shaken to her core.’ Why is it that Mr. Trump’s language staggers her, but not Bill’s immoral sexual escapades, or Hillary’s amoral lies or Server-gate criminality?

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Consider the Obama daughters: Malia is 18 and Sasha is 15. Most mothers of daughters—especially gullible teenagers—wouldn’t want a man of Bill Clinton’s predatory history skulking around the White House. After all, Mr. Clinton did much more than simply talk: he acted out. For example, during his presidency, he turned the Oval Office into a boudoir for adulterous trysts with Monica Lewinsky, then an impressionable intern just a few years older than the Obama girls.

How vigorously the MSM defended Bill Clinton’s numerous affairs, his “bimbo eruptions” in the ’90s, as “just sex.” (Specifically, Hillary demonized Ms. Lewinsky as “a narcissistic loony tune” until irrefutable DNA evidence emerged from her blue dress.) Furthermore, during Mr. Clinton’s impeachment proceedings, how stridently the press argued that his private life had absolutely nothing to do with his ability to govern. And foolishly, the public bought that real whopper of a fish story. Yet, in “Crisis of Character,” former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne directly observed:

“I witnessed firsthand the Clintons’ personal and professional dysfunction: So consumed were they by scandal, so intent on destroying their real or imagined enemies, that governing became an afterthought.”

In retrospect of those scandal-plagued years, Mr. Byrne’s statement rings true. In the final analysis, has any politician been more directed by the orientation of his zipper than Bill Clinton?

So it is with crooked Hillary’s lawbreaking, her greed, and her titanic lies. Once again, same as before, the legacy media is promoting Clintonian corruption as “no big deal.” This time, instead of Bill’s hanky-panky, it’s Hillary’s “damned emails.” Or is it lying repeatedly to Congress, the FBI and the American people? Or perhaps it’s the pay for play influence peddling scandal via the charitable sham that is the Clinton Family Foundation? Is it really a good idea to put the most powerful country in the world in the hands of a person with no discernible moral code? What does Hillary Clinton really stand for besides her own lawlessness, recklessness, and relentless self-promotion?

Any U.S. president to the electorate is very much like a de facto marriage. As an analogy, why would any sane person elect (or marry) “a partner” who cannot be trusted to act in the U.S.’s best interests? That’s the existential question that has led to failed Obama’s reelection—and threatens to derail the country entirely if Hillary Clinton replaces him. Facts are often not pretty things. From this two-faced Democratic triumvirate—if any of their lips were moving—when didn’t they lie about something? That overarching dynamic has defined both Bill Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s presidencies. Why would Hillary’s be any different? The scandals change—but the lying doesn’t. That’s what’s truly inexcusable here. Beyond that, why is the public so conditioned to accept the big lie (after the dastardly deed)? More to the point: what insanity compels them to keep pulling the polling levers for these wrongdoers anyway? Is this the real-life mass amnesia Annie Wilkes complains about?

Why are Democrats forgiven everything while Republicans are given no latitude whatsoever? Still, no matter what the propagandist media reports, there remains a vast difference between Trump’s words and Bill and Hillary’s misdeeds. Annie’s right: fair is fair. Only the deluded or the dishonest believe that either scandal-embroiled Clinton is fit for office. And why should triviality automatically disqualify Mr. Trump? Certainly not his vocalizations: as unsubstantial as the hot air coming from his mindless detractors.

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