Former Dean of Islamic Law in Qatar: Islamic Jihad “Has Accompanied Arab Societies Throughout Islamic History”


For those who continue to peddle the “moderate Islam” taqiyyah to justify true Islam being allowed into any society, they really should listen to the former dean of Islamic law at Qatar University, who says that the real Islam has always existed and been “extremist” “throughout Islamic history.”

In all fairness, Dr. Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari did not use the term “jihad,” but used “extremist” instead. However, jihad is most definitely what he is referring to when he uses the term “extremist.” In full disclosure, I have always said that the use of “moderate” and “extremist” when it comes to Islam is just plain wrong, and there is a reason for it. Just ask one question, which my friend Pieder Beeli made mention of to determine the nature of Islam, “Was Muhammad a terrorist?” If the answer is yes, and Islamic history backs that up, then you must conclude that Islam is merely teaching its people to follow in the steps of Muhammad.

Dr. Al-Ansari wrote a column for UAE Daily, which was translated this week. In that column, Dr. Al-Ansari claims that issues that the Muslim world blames on the West, such as jihad, the issue with Palestine, unemployment or poverty, are the result not of external forces, but of internal ones that exist in Muslim culture.

“Religious extremism is not, as many believe, a new phenomenon or the result of current events,” Al-Ansari wrote. “It has accompanied Arab societies throughout Islamic history.”

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“I oppose the politicization of religious extremism, or justifying it on the grounds of political oppression, suppression of liberties, and the spread of tyranny,” Ansari added.

He then took on anyone who would attempt to “justify religious extremism by calling it a response to oppressive international policy” and who insist on “depicting the world as plotting against Muslims.”

“In my opinion, all these explanations and excuses serve one purpose: politically exploiting terrorism for the benefit of various groups’ partisan agendas (pan-Arabist, leftist, and Islamist), by means of winning over public opinion, stirring it up, and inciting it against the regimes,” Al-Ansari wrote.

He then said the jihad element comes from “internal causes and elements that are rooted in a misguided, unilateral, and closed-minded education that does not foster critical thinking and is not open to humanistic cultures.”

He then makes a statement that I wish more people would listen to. How can we overcome Islam and its demonic doctrines? It will not come through military might. In fact, often all that does is summon more jihadis. However the real answer is through education via the Bible.

“One of the most important things in this context is to remove extremists and hate preachers from the educational environment,” Ansari writes.

While I agree with that, one cannot know what is in the mind of those who remain silent while continuing to be taught Muhammad’s devilish book. Therefore, there is no sure way of getting rid of all these people he claims. I would propose a much more radical approach. Eliminate Islam from being taught in education at all. It has nothing to offer the world at all except, jihad, death, depravity and debauchery.

Dr. Al-Ansari also said that Muslim societies should eliminate “fatwas that accuse others of apostasy, that incite, and that question the beliefs of others.”

However, while Al-Ansari claims that Islamic “extremism” is a “symptom of a disease” which must be rooted out, the failure to acknowledge that the disease is Islam is the real problem.

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