Former Democrat Congressman: Obama Risks Impeachment if He Goes Around Congress & Attacks Syria


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Dennis Kucinich, a former Democrat congressman tweeted out that if Barack Obama goes around Congress and acts to attack Syria unilaterally, that he risks impeachment for violating the Constitution.

Kucinich’s tweet was in response to the Washington Post’s tweet which claimed that the White House said that Obama had the authority to decide a strike on Syria.

200 in #Congress demand #Syria vote. #Constitution art.1 sec.8 -@BarackObama risking #Impeachment? (@washingtonpost

— Dennis Kucinich (@Dennis_Kucinich) August 30, 2013

Tucker Carlson had Kucinich on the Hannity show on Friday evening to discuss the tweet, which linked to the Washington Post article.

Kucinich says the claims from the White House are false and he cites the Constitution, something we’ve done several times here.

“There is no imminent or actual threat to the United States of America. If there was, then people expect the president to defend us. But in this case the president is going on his own,” Kucinich explains.

“I meant what I said, I have not made a final decision,” Obama said on Friday.

“It’s not ‘I the President,’ it’s ‘We the People of the United States,'” Kucinich said, following the quotation of Obama.

He then pointed to Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution, which says only Congress has the power to take America to war.

“That’s a fundamental principle and if the president throws that away, disregards that I think there will be consequences for him,” he said.

Obama has been called to Congress by over 100 congressman to get authorization for a military strike in Syria and warned that even limited strikes requires the authorization of Congress, because it is an act of war. Obama’s weak-eyed Middle East policies have shown him to be an utter buffoon in the eyes of the world, even to the extent that this week the Russian Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin referred to him as a “monkey with a hand grenade.”

Obama gave a statement from the Rose Garden on Saturday that he would go to Congress for approval, but he did not rule out simply acting alone.

Barack Obama was warned last year concerning impeachment for initiating war without Congress declaring war. Following the US’ involvement in Libya and former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s claims that international coalitions somehow trump the Constitution, Representative Walter B. Jones (R-NC) put forth a resolution to put Obama on notice that he would be engaging in an impeachable offense if he went into war without Congress declaring it.

Jones continues to take that stance. He confirmed that he is opposed to military force in Syria without Congressional approval and spoke about upholding the Constitution in a tweet on Wednesday.