Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Fired At Eleventh Hour – Criminal Charges May Follow


We’ve been hearing about McCabe’s unethical professional behavior for months now. But what is new today is that “criminal charges may be brought against McCabe,” according to investigative reporter Sara Carter. A source at the DOJ told Laura Ingraham the same thing on Friday afternoon saying, “You all know just a little bit.”

Attorney General Jeff Session’s statement to the press can be read here.

DOJ Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz has led an inquiry into the alleged mishandling of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server by top officials. He is due to release his long-awaited report at any time.  Horowitz “uncovered a lot of” evidence which he turned over to the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), leading to their recommendation that McCabe be fired two days before his pension was due to kick in.

Harvard Professor (and honest Democrat) Alan Dershowitz told Laura Ingraham on Friday night:

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“There has to be a high burden before you fire somebody who ’s served in a distinguished way for 20 years, but I have a lot of experience with the Office of Professional Responsibility. They don’t generally go after their own. They generally whitewash their own.  And when the OPR comes to this conclusion, you really have to give it some credibility. I still want to see the evidence, but I bet you we ’ll see evidence that’s far more compelling than we’ve heard up till now. And when they’re talking about criminal charges, that sounds very serious.  It’s distressing because I’ve had a lot of respect for   McCabe based on what people who have worked for the FBI have told me over the years. But you can’t have a double standard. You have to have the same standard for Democrat, for Republican, for people that have been in the FBI and for civilians, and if that standard has been met for criminal prosecution and for firing, so be it.”

President Trump referred to McCabe’s firing as a “great day for democracy.”

McCabe’s firing and the rumors swirling about possible criminal charges being filed makes us wonder what will happen next? And the first person who comes to mind is FBI counter intelligence official Peter Strzok. If criminal charges are brought against McCabe, what then might be in store for Strzok, whose actions appear to be even more egregious than McCabe’s. Could this be the start of a ‘reckoning’ at the FBI? It feels like it.

Newly released text messages between Strzok and paramour Lisa Page shed light on his personal relationship with the original judge in the Michael Flynn case, Judge Rudolph Contreras. Contreras also sits on the FISA Court.

Sean Hannity (please see video below) takes us through the text exchange and provides some context.

Text message exchange: July 25, 2016

Lisa Page:  Rudy is on the FISC.

Page:  Did you know that?

Peter Strzok:  I did. We talked about it before and after. I need to get together with him.

Page:  I thought of it because you had to Google FISC judges and saw him there. I’m telling you.

Strzok:  She brought up a good point about being circumspect in terms of talking to him in terms of not placing him into a situation where he may have to recuse himself.

Strzok:  Really. Rudy, I’m in charge of espionage for the FBI. The espionage FISA comes before him, what should he do? Given his friend oversees them?

Page:  Standards for recusal are quite high. I just don’t think this poses an actual conflict. And he doesn’t know what you do?

Strzok: Generally, he does know what I do. Not the level or scope or area. But he’s super thoughtful and rigorous about ethics and conflicts. M suggested a social setting with others would probably be better than a one on one meeting. I’m sorry, I’m just going to have to invite you to that cocktail party. Of course, you’ll be there. I’ll have to come up with some other work people cover for action.

Page: Why more. Six people is a perfectly fine dinner party.

Sean Hannity explains, “That is a massive conflict of interest. Engineering a meeting with a FISA judge under false pretenses, in this case, cocktail party, that could actually be an obstruction and other criminal liability.  What is really inexcusable is that the DOJ, and especially Rod Rosenstein, fought like hell to keep this information secret.”

These messages were discovered by aides working for Congressmen Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows at DOJ headquarters.

The DOJ did not voluntarily disclose them.

Hannity reminds us of Rosenstein’s appeals to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to not be forced to release these documents to the House Intelligence Committee led by Devin Nunes.

Rosenstein, who appointed Robert Mueller, wanted to keep this information private. Now, that is obstruction of justice.

It is clear that obstruction has occurred at the highest levels of some of our most respected institutions. The trickle of information that’s been extracted so far is likely only the tip of the iceberg.

As mentioned above, Inspector General Michael Horowitz is due to release his report soon. McCabe is the first casualty of his investigation.

Horowitz and his team, however, are limited by law as to who they can interview and what records they can access. This report will, no doubt, reveal new and valuable information. But the new facts will necessitate further inquiries that he lacks the legal authority to pursue.

That is why it’s critical that a second special counsel be appointed by AG Jeff Sessions as soon as possible. Americans have seen only a glimpse of what many of our “esteemed” government officials have tried so hard to hide. We deserve to know the whole story. And may Andrew McCabe be only the first of many to be brought to justice.

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