Former NFL Player Blasts League Over ‘Black National Anthem’ Playing Before NFL Games


Former NFL star Burgess Owens blasted the football league over reports that the NFL will play “Lift Ev’ry Voice And Sing,” dubbed the “Black national anthem,” before all Week 1 games this season.

The retired safety suggested the move was in line with “trying” to “segregate” the nation “again.” “There is no ‘black national anthem,” Burgess Owens tweeted. “Why does it feel like the country is trying to segregate again sometimes?”

There is no “black national anthem”. Why does it feel like the country is trying to segregate again sometimes?

— Burgess Owens (@BurgessOwens) July 3, 2020

By doing this the NFL will once again divide our country and will choose symbolism over substance. We have issues to overcome but doing this will create more division and set us back over 50 years as a nation. I won’t watch week one if they do this. And I hope millions of other fans won’t either. Let’s find ways to unite our country not tear it apart.

Thank you for saying this. I’ve been saying the same thing. Progressives have brainwashed too many to believe that segregation is the new unity. 😖

— Dee 🇺🇸 #BackTheBlue (@chefelf1) July 3, 2020

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Yea separate anthem like separate drinking fountains. Separate bathrooms, etc., This is surreal.

— Richard D. Cappetto (@RickDC777) July 3, 2020

I know one thing it’s racist! Why would we have an Anthem that only represent a certain portion of the country and not the entire country

— Ty (@Tyspeakstruth) July 3, 2020

If a group of people – any group of people – feel the need to have their own national anthem, they should start by finding their own nation first.

— Valannin (@valannin) July 3, 2020

Identity politics at its worst. They want us divided.

— Joel Squire (@JoelSquire7) July 3, 2020

Bingo. It’s as if the @NFL asked itself, “What’s the worst thing we can do to make the current situation worse?” and this was what they came up with. Mind-numbing.

— Matthew Betley (@MatthewBetley) July 3, 2020 did you see this? It’s extraordinarily well stated.

— Haggis (@enognam) July 3, 2020

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