Fracking: Friend or Foe?


One of the many controversial topics in our controversial world is the risk associated with the oil extraction method known as fracking and the horizontal drilling that often accompanies it. From earthquakes to contaminated ground-water, there is no shortage of negative exposure directed towards “Big Oil” and their recently discovered method to extract the liquid-gold that we all have come to depend upon. However, are the numerous allegations levied at fracking proponents based on fact, or merely propaganda? As with many subjects, the answer to that question is a matter of rightly dividing truth.

To be clear, fracking is not something that is considered “on my radar” as a topic that I have researched, or followed closely. Much of my information has come from a YouTube channel operated by, dutchsinse, who has over 85,000 followers and well over a couple million hits on his videos. Dutch believes that fracking is largely responsible for the increase of earthquakes in areas where fracking is taking place. Our guest, highlighted in the video below, would certainly disagree.

Dr. Bill Whitsitt has had a long and distinguished career in the Oil & Gas Industry, and would be considered an “insider” in most circles. That charge is not meant to demean Bill’s character, nor meant to act as an excuse to dismiss his information. However, in a sense of fairness I thought it necessary to point out from which side Bill’s opinion originates. Bill is, un-apologetically, pro fracking. That being said, I have met Bill and spoken to him on the phone several times; and, more importantly, I know some of Bill’s associates fairly well, and they are people who I would consider to be of the highest quality. I believe that Bill is confident that the information he presents is true, and I do not think that Bill is spreading misinformation like some comments suggested after we had Bill as a guest on our radio show. We plan on having Bill back on the air in the next 2 or 3 weeks; in the meantime we will try to get someone who holds an opposing view on-air to provide balance.

There is no doubt that we, as a nation, are heavily dependent on petroleum. Click the following link to get just a snapshot of everyday items that we routinely depend on that also depends upon petroleum. We would be hard-pressed to find a quick solution, so we need to find a middle-ground where we are able to meet our domestic needs while making sure that we are responsible stewards of this planet. In summary, oil is not going anywhere fast, so we need to learn to deal with the challenges of assuring its continued availability. Comments will be open, and opposing views are welcome.


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