Freedom or Force? – You Decide


Have you ever wondered how it could be “that in the freest land in the world, we find ourselves feeling the chokehold of force draining the lifeblood of freedom more with each passing day?”

I’m going to ask you to bear with me for the next few minutes and open your mind as I put forth a personal hypothesis that addresses this very issue.

If you are convinced individual freedom is a bad thing, my goal is not so much to change your mind but rather have you ask the question “Why is it a bad thing?”

I believe much of our thinking today is heavily influenced by individuals and entities whose ideas and proposals have not been thought through to their conclusion and consequences.

We have come to rely on unsustainable promises and sound-bites, one being the bread and butter of our political leaders and the other the bread-and-butter of the media. As a result of this dependency, we have become complacent and apathetic. We no longer do any soul-searching when confronted with proposals and ideas that on the surface have the appearance of doing great things, but in substance become destructive once they are implemented.

Sadly, once such proposals and ideas are implemented we then find ourselves being subjected to government being used to force us into submission and participation. Our frustrations are only compounded when our pleas for reason and rationale in the application of these ideas fall on deaf ears.

If we choose to speak out in opposition to these proposals and ideas we are labeled racist, isolationists, teabaggers along with some other names that should not be mentioned in mixed company. Is there any wonder why so many have just chosen the route of least resistance?

Consider the following proposal for one second.

Congressman A lives in a very rural district. Most of his constituents must travel 25 to 35 miles each way to go to work. Congressman A decides that a good political move would be to promise his constituents that he will ensure they have good reliable transportation to go back and forth to work. Congressman A decides that a good way to fulfill this promise is to introduce legislation that imposes a tax of $.50 per gallon to be used to subsidize auto purchases for his constituents. This will allow the constituents to purchase a new vehicle every two years thus ensuring good reliable transportation. The bill will be called “Rural Employment Access Means”; REAM for short.

Congressman A realizes he needs cosponsors and approaches Congressman Z who just so happens to represent a large portion of Detroit. Congressman Z, realizing the potential of garnering constituent’s votes through promising guaranteed auto sales, jumps on board right away. Congressman Z feels a better title for the bill would be the Better Urbanization Through Taxation plan; BUTT for short.

I think you know where I’m going with this.

They compromise on the title and give it the acronym BUTTREAM. The bill flies through both houses with hundreds of additions for additional revenue raising schemes each benefiting another politician.

I realize this is an oversimplification of the process, but sadly it is also truly representative of what goes on in Washington. Someone comes up with some grandiose idea or plan that will benefit this group or that group and then proceeds to enlist the government to force their ideas on the people.

While the politicians’ end game is to build up their voter base, the catalyst for most social programs can be found in the altruistic leanings of well-meaning individuals. They fail to see (and most time the voters fail to point out) that good intentions should never require forced participation.

So the next time you hear some politician promising what they are going to do for you, or some well-meaning individual promoting an idea or concept that is good for the general welfare of our nation, ask yourself this question, “Will their proposals be possible without the forced participation of the American people?” It the answer is no, then it is time for you to decide, do you want to live under Freedom or Force?

Thank you and may we never forget, God Has Blessed America.

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