The Fruit of Obama’s Transformation of America: A Dissolved United States


It seems that the very foundation of the United States has fallen from under our feet, and the phrase “WE THE PEOPLE” seems to draw more vilified attacks than good! How in the world have we come to this? Has the US departed and some very strange reflection of Tyranny come before us in its place? How can it be that Citizens of the United States cannot answer very simple questions about their own nation? Have the people just plain forgot or have they just become placid in their thoughts about the United States, freedom and strength it once had?

Today, the United States is being taken over by left wing people from the White House on down. Does anyone even remember what Obama said just days before his first election? Let us remind you so that your eyes can be opened to see the man that has been a liar, coward, and traitor. Just 3 days before the first election Obama stated, “In 3 days we will fundamentally change this nation!” or words to that affect. Today, we are witness to what he stated back then when gasoline was $1.89 a gallon. Now gasoline is $3.37 a gallon with no end in sight. We just have to look at the price of meat on the shelves or the price of anything to see a portion of the change that has taken place under Barack Obama. We are supposed to trust the leader of the United States, but how can we do that when nearly every time he says something it is a bold face lie?

If you don’t believe that Obama lies, just check out my previous article In Barack Obama We Don’t Trust.

However, this “New United States” just does not seem to care about this, even when the lies are shown. The worst part of this is that Obama has help from the United States Attorney General, who now tells States that they can ignore the law of the land!

We live in a world that the very men that created this nation would revolt against, in the same manner, they did when King George of England tried to do the same thing to them! The huge difference between now and then is the fact that the People of the United States were proud and willing to lay their lives down to form a new nation! Today, people would gladly give up their freedom if it meant they not be asked questions, or in most cases, having to work. One case in point is the recent “surfer dude” out in California who turned down a $80,000 a year job just so he did not have to work!

The United States has “transformed” under Obama, but it is not for the better. Obama has done more harm than Nikita Khrushchev could have ever hoped to do while he was alive in Communist Russia!

In a recent article, we showed that Obama has roots deep in the Socialist/Communist ideology. We demonstrated how Obama took the steps to make the United States what he dreamed of in 1981 while studying Karl Marx, a poor run down nation that does not need the Constitution! Many might say this is not true, but just read that article, and if that one is not enough to allow you to see the light, then read the only interview with anyone who sat down and discussed the United States with Barack Obama. In that article, it was shown that Obama did not want the United States to be the great powerful nation that it was before he held the office of President. Obama actually discussed the idea of having a “Communist style revolution.”

Now, take a look at what Obama is doing. He has done most of what the Founding Fathers said that King George had done. Obama has refused to assent to laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good. Obama had all but created a new law giving illegal aliens rights that he denies some of the legal US citizens. Obama has made appointments without the consent of the Senate, even though it was in session. Obama has sent forth people from the IRS to question those who oppose him. Obama has obstructed justice through the Attorney General. Obama is trying to make the United States subject to the United Nations, outside of our Constitution. Obama has imposed taxes without our consent. Obama has divided the nation by the use of his office to concentrate his powers even more. Obama has used his office to institute laws that only Congress can rightly make. Obama has caused near riots among us by declaring that those with money are the problems of our nation, not those who leech off those that work. We could go on from here with the many reasons that Obama has violated not just the Constitution, but also the trust and hope of the people, as well as the very laws of the land. No one wishes to take him to task on any of this, which makes Congress look like a bunch of sniffling cowards for just standing at their office door while the freedom is tyrannical ripped from the American people!

Why do we even consider our nation great anymore? Is it just because Obama says it is not? Obama will go down in history as the worst elected President of all time due to his lack of standing in the world and his direct attack upon our Constitution. Should we allow Obama to keep going with his “Shadow Party” agenda, we will not be free, and the Constitution will be so torn apart that it will take generations to rebuild if at all.

Furthermore, there are many attacks yet to come to our nation since Obama had made it look like a Lamb on a world stage instead of the Lion it was before he went into office. Obama will never allow free enterprise to rise up and take back the Constitution and bring back the jobs so many need. That is not part of his plan. Our nation could see millions of jobs come back here with just a few actions. Yet, few, if any, are willing to drive that home and direct it at Obama because they are afraid to be labeled as “racist.” We do not care about having that name thrown at us. If that did happen, it would mean we are stating the truth, and the truth hurts the Socialists/Communists that are now ruining this once great nation! We challenge everyone that reads this to pass this article on to others and join with us to get rid of all those now in Washington, D.C. that have supported Obama and his Marxist ideology. If we as a nation do not take a stand this year, our future as the United States may well be over!

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