George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Harold Ickes, and the Shadow Party


In our last article, we showed how Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and Harold Ickes began what they called a “Shadow Party” to undermine the United States and the Constitution, using “Political Correctness” (we will be doing an article on where and how the term “Politically Correct” came to be in the next article, so stay tuned) as a strong tool to organize the “Democratic Shadow Party” to help people who support Socialism, Marxism, and Communism. In reading this, bear in mind that both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have stated they wish to “rebuild” the “Amendments” to the Constitution, especially the First, Second, and Fifth Amendments, the ones that keep us free.

We have already displayed the corrupt Hillary Rodham Clinton in several articles (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), along with a couple about George Soros (see here, here, and here).

We will now expose the man behind the Clintons’ get out of jail free cards.

This man is none other than Harold McEwan Ickes, a very close associate of the Clintons, George Soros, and not to mention a few of the Mafia kings he later represented—men like, but not limited to, Colombo, Gambino, and the Genovese crime family, a nice group to learn how to beat crimes, which he would use almost extensively for the Clintons. Harold Ickes is one of the prime organizers of the Democratic Shadow Party.

Be warned that what you read below will seem unreal until you learn the rest of this man’s history with not only George Soros and the Clinton’s, but also with some other well-known names that pop up in today’s headlines. You will notice their names when you see them pop up on the television as some who either help Clinton or Sanders.

“Born September 4, 1939 in Washington, DC, Harold McEwan Ickes is a longtime Democrat operative widely recognized as the chief organizer of the so-called Shadow Party, a nationwide network of more than five-dozen unions, non-profit activist groups, and think tanks whose agendas are ideologically to the left, and which are engaged in campaigning for the Democrats. During the 2004 presidential race, Democrat strategist Howard Wolfson told New York magazine that — outside of the John Kerry campaign — Ickes was “the most important person in the Democratic Party today.”

Ickes hails from a prominent political family. His father Harold LeClair Ickes served as Secretary of the Interior from 1933 to 1946, under Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman. The elder Ickes lost his first wife in an automobile accident in 1935. At age 64, he married 25-year-old Jane Dahlman, who gave birth to Harold on September 4, 1939.

Harold Ickes attended the prestigious Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC. After high school, he eschewed college, choosing instead to fulfill a boyhood dream of working as a cowboy on ranches, which he did from 1959 to 1961.

In 1961 Ickes enrolled at Stanford University, where he fell under the influence of Professor Allard Kenneth Lowenstein, known as the “Pied Piper” for his ability to seduce idealistic young students into the New Left.

At Lowenstein’s urging, Ickes spent the summers of 1964 and 1965 registering black voters in Mississippi and Louisiana respectively, for the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) in Vicksburg, Mississippi and for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) in Tallulah, Louisiana. White vigilantes in Louisiana beat Ickes so badly in 1965 that he lost a kidney.

Undaunted, Ickes went that same year to the Dominican Republic, where — according to the Boston Globe — he sought to “help deposed leftist president Juan Bosch return to office.” After spending two years in Communist Cuba, the socialist Bosch had returned to the Dominican Republic and won the support of a group of leftwing colonels, who sought to place Bosch in power through an armed coup. Only the arrival of 22,000 U.S. Marines stopped the Bosch coup. According to the Boston Globe, Ickes was present on the island when the Marines landed, on April 29, 1965.”

Notice that the “Shadow Party” is not just a political party inside of our nation’s government, but it is a huge part of, as shown here, “…more than five-dozen unions, non-profit activist groups, and think tanks whose agendas are ideologically to the left, and which are engaged in campaigning for the Democrats.” This is very troubling, since it represents a vast amount of people that do not wish to maintain our Constitution and seemingly wish to destroy what our nation has thrived on for 240 years, which is FREEDOM. That alone should make one stand up and state that they will not support the Democratic Shadow Party.  

Harold Ickes, the hit man for the Democratic Shadow Party, worked hard to stop the Vietnam War, which led to the murder of some 2 to 3 million people in Indochina. That would have made Hitler proud, but not the “free” people of the United States.

“Ickes subsequently left the country and began “touring Latin America,” until his mentor Lowenstein summoned him back to New York to begin work on the anti-Vietnam War movement. Returning to the USA in 1966, Ickes joined Lowenstein in New York. Lowenstein, who was then running for Congress, introduced Ickes to New York politics.

Ickes quickly became a political operative for the Democrats, working on various campaigns, including the 1968 and 1972 presidential runs of Eugene McCarthy and George McGovern. 

Ickes met Bill Clinton while both were working on Operation Pursestrings, a grassroots lobbying effort aimed at pushing through the 1970 Hatfield-McGovern Amendment to cut off all military aid to South Vietnam. (Hatfield-McGovern was defeated, but subsequent measures promoted by Senator Ted Kennedy succeeded in slashing U.S. aid to South Vietnam by 80 percent in the next three years. By 1975, South Vietnam and Cambodia could no longer afford to defend themselves. They fell to the Communists, who promptly slaughtered 2-3 million people in Indochina.)”

Ickes worked with Bill Clinton in a successful action to cut off funding of all military aid, thus allowing the Communist overthrow of the government and the murder of 2 to 3 million people. In 1970, he met Bill Clinton, who sided with Ickes to stop aid to South Vietnam, which allowed the final failure of the action in Vietnam. But Ickes was just beginning his underworld type of work because in 1994, he would join the Clinton White House staff, and this would lead to a long friendship with the Clintons that has lasted even today. But Ickes was still involved with the Democratic Shadow Party, and now he had a President associated with him and with it. Ickes would also work to “clear” several Democratic leaders and union bosses, one of whom works with the Obama Administration, Andrew Stern.

“Ickes joined the Clinton White House on January 4, 1994, and would serve for three years as Deputy White House Chief of Staff for Political Affairs and Policy.

Ickes would later surface at the center of the so-called “Teamstergate” scandal — a complex money-laundering scheme in which several high-level Democrat leaders and union bosses who were directly implicated in the case mysteriously escaped prosecution. Among those major players were Service Employees International Union (SEIU) head Andrew Stern; American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) chief Gerald McEntee; Terry McAuliffe, who then headed the Clinton-Gore reelection campaign; and Harold Ickes himself.”

David Brock, whose name one hears from time to time associated with Hillary Clinton, actually wrote a book about Ickes and Hillary Clinton called The Seduction of Hillary Rodham.
Ickes worked hard to subvert the scandals of the Clintons, and his position to do so gave his team the name of Shadow Counsel’s Office, whose job it was to divert any and all attention from the Clinton scandals away from them so that they came out of all the scandals unscratched.

“Insiders have long noted Ickes’ special loyalty toward Hillary Clinton. The Boston Globe called him “a special favorite of the president’s wife.” In the Clinton White House, Ickes quickly gravitated to Hillary’s end of the operation. He served initially as “health care czar,” charged with rescuing the First Lady’s floundering Health Security Act.  Mrs. Clinton later placed Ickes in charge of a special unit within the White House Counsel’s office, dedicated to suppressing Clinton scandals. It operated, in effect, as a Counsel’s office within the Counsel’s office. In his book The Seduction of Hillary Rodham, David Brock refers to Ickes’ special unit as the “Shadow Counsel’s Office.” Its operatives included Mark Fabiani, Chris Lehane and Jane Sherburne. Ickes reported directly to Hillary Clinton on all matters related to the work of this special unit.

Because so many of his duties involved damage control during Clinton scandals, Ickes wryly referred to his role as “Director of Sanitation.”  “Whenever there was something that [Bill Clinton] thought required ruthlessness or vengeance or sharp elbows and sharp knees or, frankly, skulduggery, he would give it to Harold,” former Clinton advisor Dick Morris told Vanity Fair in September 1997.

Ickes also headed the Clintons’ fundraising apparatus, collecting record-breaking quantities of soft money — much of it through such means as labor racketeering; soliciting payoffs from U.S. businessmen seeking inside access to overseas trade missions; and — as Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett II document in their book Year of the Rat: How Bill Clinton and Al Gore Compromised U.S. Security for Chinese Cash — cutting deals with Chinese intelligence agents eager to loosen up U.S. export controls on military technology.”

Notice above how Ickes used “ruthlessness, vengeance, sharp elbows, sharp knees, and skullduggery” to make sure the Clintons escaped any and all implications from their scandals. Ickes used the methods he learned from his dealings with the Mafia bosses, which seemed to help his ways to “clear” the Clintons scandals without a bit of the dirt they stirred up falling on their shoulders, and, in some cases, making them look like victims instead of the aggressors. Knowing Ickes, George Soros, and Hillary Clinton’s involvement in this Democratic Shadow Party, could they have used the power this Shadow Party conjured up? This is a question no one wishes to address or look into, but it is out there, especially since all of the parties were deeply involved in this Shadow Party.

“By 1996, federal investigators had begun zeroing in on Ickes’ involvement in numerous Clinton scandals, including Filegate (the illegal commandeering of more than a thousand secret FBI background files on potential Clinton foes) and Chinagate (the selling of military secrets to Red China in exchange for campaign contributions). Thus Ickes was becoming a liability to the Clinton White House; two months after Bill Clinton’s November 1996 reelection, the President fired him.

After leaving the White House in January 1997, Ickes rejoined his old law firm Meyer, Suozzi, English and Klein.

In 1999, Ickes was appointed Hillary Clinton’s chief campaign advisor in her 2000 run for the U.S. Senate. According to Ickes, he accepted the job after a four-hour meeting with Mrs. Clinton on February 12, 1999 — the same day that the U.S. Senate voted on Bill Clinton’s impeachment. “I’m really doing this out of my friendship for Hillary, pure and simple,” Ickes told the Associated Press on June 17, 1999. “She called and there was no way I was going to say no to Hillary.”

Following Mrs. Clinton’s successful election, Ickes played a central role in creating the Democrat Shadow Party. After passage of the McCain-Feingold Act of March 27, 2002, Ickes helped put Shadow Party architect George Soros together with activists Andrew Stern, Ellen R. Malcolm, Steven Rosenthal, Gina Glantz, Cecile Richards, and other leftwing Democrats who were seeking ways to circumvent McCain-Feingold’s soft-money ban. Working closely with Soros, Ickes personally helped launch six of the seven organizations that formed the Shadow Party’s core during the 2004 election, including America Coming Together, America Votes, the Center for American Progress, Joint Victory Campaign 2004, the Media Fund, and the Thunder Road Group.”

Here we see the direct correlation with Ickes, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and the Democratic Shadow Party working within our government to eliminate the strength of our Constitution, to bring the people into modern day slavery by using their ignorance, and to whittle away our freedoms, one small stroke at a time until the Marxist/Socialists/Communists have taken control of our very nation and freedom.

What is shown here about the Democratic Shadow Party should be enough to wake “WE THE PEOPLE” up to stop these people who wish to destroy our nation through their actions and take our rights away for, as Adolph Hitler said, “the good of the society.” “WE THE PEOPLE” cannot and should not allow the people of this Shadow Party to run our country into the ground for their ideology, which is in direct contradiction to the words of our Constitution. Either we take a stand today, or tomorrow we will find our freedom gone and, in its place, we will see loss of many freedoms and many honest people tossed into jail for not giving their guns to this Shadow Party.

Will “WE THE PEOPLE” allow this to happen, or will we finally wake up and say it stops here, this November. It is OUR choice, but if we do nothing, we all lose.

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